October 23 1863

Dear Diary, Damon will return from battle in four days. I am a little upset he is missing my birthday, but at least hes coming home. He has been gone three months and Stefan and I miss him. Since he has left, I do not wake up screaming but i still have nightmares. When they happen I go to Stefans room and sleep with my head on his chest. I am exited for Damons homecoming, Stefan and I got him a gift. I just can't wait. 

I stretched on my window seat and looked outside walking toward the house was

"DAMON!!" I ran down the stairs and through the parlor. Stefan and Father were sitting and reading. "He is here Stefan! Damon is home!" I ran outside. As soon as Damon saw me he dropped his bag, a wide grin on his face, and opened his arms. He picked me up and spun me around. I buried my face in his neck, He buried his face in my hair.

"I missed you Piccolo." 

"I missed you too Dami." He set me down on my feet and kissed my head. He smiled past me at Stefan.

"Hello Little Brother."

"Hello Damon" They hugged and Stefan picked up Damons bag. I linked my arm with his and giggled as we started to walk back. 

"How were you able to get home early?" I asked. He smirked at me, oh I missed that smirk.

"Injury." Stefan and I both gave him confused looks. He pulled up his shirt to show bandage wraped around his waist. "I got stabed." We both looked at him wide eyed. I started crying and He pulled me to his chest. "Lizzie I'm fine. It dosen't hurt anymore."

"W-we could have l-lost you." I said my voice muffled by his chest.  I wiped the tears away and looked at Stefan. His eyes were filled with tears and he looked angry he spun around. 

You see, my brothers were brought up to belive they were not alowed to let people see them cry. Stefan spun back around. His eyes were red and puffy, so were mine. 

"All that matters is that im okay, and were still a family." He pulled us both close, ruffled Stefans hair, and kissed my forehead.

October 24 1863

"Happy Birthday Lizzie!" Damon woke me up. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I slept in Damons room last night, just because when he put his arms around me it made me feel safe. 

"Thank you Dami." I said hugging him.

"I brought you a gift. Wait here, I will get it." He ran to his walk in closet and came back quickly. His hands were behind his back. "Pick one." I loved this game. Damon would have something in one of his hands and I would guess which one.

"Right!" Damon smiled and showed me hid right hand. I gasped. On his hand there was a beautiful crystal. It was clear and a dragon was wraped around it. Damon knew I loved dragons. "I love it Damon thank you!!" He put it around my neck and I looked an the mirror him behind me. We realy did look alike. Our piercing blue eyes the same, our hair curly and dark. Damon said I was growing up to be a beautiful young lady and that when I was older I would look like mother.

At the breakfast table "

Good morning Elizabeth, Happy Birthday." Father said siting at the table.

"Happy Bitrhday, Lizzie." Stefan said Coming up behind me and hugging me.

"Thank you Father." I sat down and Father looked at the necklace Damon gave me.

"Where on earth did you get that?"

"I gave it to her Father." Damon cut in, drapeing a protective arm around me

"Perche devi insistere su rovinare mia filia?!" Why must you insist on spoiling my daughter?!

"E 'mia sorella e io non sona la sua rovina!!She is my sister and I am not spoiling her!!

  October 10, 2011 3 pm

I sill sat on Damons bed, my hand on my necklace. I didn't notice Damon leaning against the doorway. "Flashback?" He asked, startleing me. When I saw it was him I relaxed and nodded. Damon sighed, then came over to hug me. He looked in my eyes. "When was the last time you fed?"

"Two days ago."

"Get dressed, I'm taking you hunting." I was still in my pajamas, a tank top ana a pair of gir pajama pants. Yes people I still watch cartoons, get over it.

"Okay." I walked to my room and put on a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a happy bunny shirt that said  'Cute but psyco, things even out.'  We went to some club that was about an hour away. I saw a guy that was about 25 and walked up to him.

"Sir, I can't find my older brother, can you help me look for him?" Of course the idiot fell for it.

"Sure, were did you last see him.?"

"Over here." I said leading him to a back alley. Wow hes an idiot...

"What does he look like?"

"Well he's 8'10 has a gold tooth, dyed hot pink hair and is wearing a Barney costume." I pushed the dude up against the wall. "Dumbass, didn't your mother ever tell you not to go off with strangers?" I drank him dry and went back to the car to meet Damon.

"How did you get yours?" Damon asked when we drove away.

"I asked him if he could help me look for my older brother. You?"

"Saw a girl seduced her and brought her to a back room."  We got home at 5:30 and Sat down on the couch. Damon put on The Hangover and I sat on the couch my legs in his lap. Stefan walked in at 6:00 and picked me up then put me in his lap. We said Hi and continued watching the movie. Every twenty minutes our posistions changed.  Heres how it went

6:10- Damon on right side Stefan on left side. My feet in Stefans lap my head in Damons.

6:30- Damon in middle Stefan on right me on left

6:40- Damon on Right Stefan on left Me leaning on Stefan

6:50- Movie ends we put on Insidious

7:10- Stefan on floor damon on right Me on left

7:30- Stefan laying down Me and Damon on floor

7:40- Damon in kitchen making popcorn Me laying down on couch Stefan on floor

8:00- Stefan on right Damon on left me sitting backwards in Damons lap my head in his neck. 

8:20- Movie ends we put on Invader Zim marothon

8:40- Me on right Stefan in the middle Damon on left

9:00- Me two inches infront of the Tv, Damon on right, Stefan on left

9:20- Damon and Stefan on floor me on couch

9:40- Damon On left me Stefan on right my head in Stefans lap My feet in Damons.

10:00- We all felll asleep Damon laying down me ontop of Damon Stefan on floor

A/N:  Damon Lizzies and Stefans mom is mexican and there dad is italian. Anyway rate add to library vote and pecome a fan!!! Love you all, bye!!

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