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lol I love Boy Meets World

Sooooo this story's done. Sucks right? Yeah. I just didn't like how while I was writing this story no one seemed to appriciate it. I wrote for you guys. Oh yeah, and my grammar is the worst in this. And first person. Not to mention my writing. Ew. 

Besides, I'm not even caught up on TVD. I have other things I'm more into. One Direction (1D AF), Larry Stylinson (LARRY AF) Tyler Oakley (GAY AF) Doctor Who (DAVID TENNANT AF) Dan and Phil (DIL AF) Scorpion (SCORPION AF), Theatre (I would say THEATRE AF but have you ever actually taken a theatre class? That shit is horrible).

And really, this story sucked from the first chapter. What the fuck kind of einstien baby is born and suddenly goes "EY YO DAMON U MY BIG BRO WHAT UP HOMIEEE"

So yeah. Updates are never gonna happen. I have bits and pieces of other chapters scattered around my computer and I don't want to connect them and I mean I could publish a few of them but you'd be like "What the fuck is this bitch doing like yo chill." One of thems a sequel. Yeah. 

So yeah. This story died. Larry is real. My Theatre teachers got a stick up his ass. Lol and I signed up to work tech for our spring musical joy to all yippie. 

Besides, wattpad kind of sucks, doesn't it? It's a bunch of twelve year olds that see writing like 

"i love family. There important to everyone, wether they like it or not." Stefan pulled me closer to him, trying to keep klaus away. I chukled and leaned into stefan.  

"klaus, you are such a hypocrite. You say you love family, but your keeping me and stefan away from our family." Klaus looked furious I smirked. "am I ticking you off? Good."

Eli, please stop. 

No. he desirves it.  

Your gonna get someone killed. 

Like who? Some random girl off the side of the street? 


That shut me up. I still looked at klaus. He was smirking  

"lizzie," I flinched.  

"dont call me that" I muttered. 

"what was that?" He asked. I knew damn well he heared me. 

"dont fucking call me that!" 

"elizabeth," he corected smirking. "ill make you a deal. You can leave. Go home. You can have comeplete freedom" The thought of all the smiling faces that would look at me and stefan. Damon hugging us. Jeremy and me kissing. He would try to reach his hand under my shirt and touch the tattoo on my hip. Stefan and damon would growl. Everyone, even bonnie, would laugh. Then reality hit me.  

"theres a catch." I said. " isnt there?" Klaus sat down. "good girl, youve learned. There is a catch." 

"i knew it. Whats the catch?"

 "Stefan stays with me." I felt a tear roll down my cheek. 

"you cant do that. You cant make me choose between my brothers." Stefan looked me. I got up.  

"i can do whatever the hell I want." I started shaking. I wanted both of my brothers I want to be lying in bed with them, or in the maze. I want to be human. 

"you dick! I will rip out your heart and shove it so far up your ass, youll choke on it! You cant make me choose!!!"  

Stefans pov. 

Stefan shut his eyes tightly so he wouldnt cry.  

" I told you, I can and I will make you. Who will it be? You.have five minutes to decide." Its gonna be damon. I know it. Hes her favorite. She would sell me out in a minute for him. Ill miss her. Shes my little sister to. I wan to be at home laying In bed with damon and eli. Or in our maze. I want to be human. "i desided." She said.  

"who will it be, elizabeth?" 

"stefan." My eyes shot open. Eli ran to me and threw her arms around my neck. She buried her face in my chest and dug her nails into me. I kissed her head and she cryed. My poor little sister was shaking so bad. "shhh.. Its okay." 

"No!! Nothings okay!! I want us both to go back" 

"i know, sweetie." I kissed her head. "why did you pick me?" 

"damon wont know i had to choose. You know. I cant hurt you like that."


Oh yeah that was one of the pieces floating around. 

You're confused now huh.

Sooooo yeah. I'm still writing. I've moved on. I'm doing bigger things. That's right. I'm writing Larry fanfiction. It's cute. And in third person. I hate first person. 


Het girls. *Shivers*

Yes yes, I was one of these. I was also a carrot. And I wrote this story in my random faze. Anyways het girls are the horrifying girls who write 

Harry looked down at me and smirked, looking into my beautiful hazel orbs and he said

"I love you Kayla. And your leggings. And your starbucks. And your oversized sweaters."


Okay honey first of all

he gay

Second of all ain't no ratchet ass little white boy gonna run up in here and fall in love with your leggings, sweaters, and goddamn ugg boots. 

Soooooo if you want to read my Larry fic it's on AO3 and it's called Wait For the Dust to Settle Down Around Us and it's about hybrids. (Shamless self promo)

Also. I do know the difference between you're and your now. Thank you. 

So, if you're Larry AF... just get off of wattpad. And if you're still a het girl.... oh, you're gonna look back and cringe. 

TVD fans who don't like One Direction- how ya doin. This story sucks. I'm sure you can find better TVD fanfics out there. You know, like ones with an actual plot line and weren't written by a stupid seventh-ninth grade girl in her random faze. 

If you actually enjoy this book and find absolutely nothing wrong with it


Or you know, read an actual book. I recommend Matched. Pretty good, pretty good. 

So... All of you that read this thank you I guess. Despite how ungreatful I seem this story was a big part of my life and even though it makes me cringe I look back and smile a bit when I read it because well... Good memories, I guess. Maybe I'll profreed this and re-write it one day. Who knows. I'll need a summer project. 

I love you guys, I really do. 


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