An 13 year old Damon caried a 3 year old Elizabeth into their parents room, followed by a 7 year old Stefan. Elizabeth rubbed her eyes and whined clinging on to Damon.

"Mother, Eli can't sleep again." Stefan said hopping up onto the bed. Their Father wasn't home. Damon Sat down too. Daniella noticed her Daughters face was tear stained.

"Well then," She said."I'll tell her a story."

"The Dragon story Mother?"

"The Dragon story Eliza." Daniella smiled.

"Long ago, in a land far away, there was a little girl named Amelia. She was the nicest girl across the land. She was out exploring one day, when she saw somthing Shiny and Sliver inbetween the bushes."

"What was it Mother?" Elizabeth asked, as if she haden't heared the story before.

"Why, It was a baby Dragon. Amelia thought it was the most precious thing she ever saw. It was awake too, and no bigger than her head.

'Baby Dragon, can you under stand me?'

The little Dragon nodded its head and let out what sounded like a purr.

'Wheres your Mother?'

The little Dragon looked around and suddenly looked worried.

'You can't find her?'

The little Dragon shook its head.

'Well would you like to come home with me? and we'll look for her tommarow?'

The little Dragon nodded.

'Ok, come on.'

The little Dragon walked along her.

'My name is Amelia. Whats your name?'

The little Dragon opened its mouth and said what sounded like 'Akor'

'Akor? Its that your name?'

Akor nodded his head. Amelia laughed

'I like that name.''"

"So then what happened Mother?" Elizabeth asked yawning, she snuggled into Damon.

" Well, Eliza, Akor and Amelia became friends. They had been on many adventures together. But two years later, Akors mother came. Amelia did not want Akor to go, but she knew it was what she had to do. So she let him go and watched them go. But it wasen't too bad, Akor still visted."

Elizabeth yawned again and fell asleep on Damon. Damon smiled at his little sister, then his Mother. His Mother smiled back.

"Your good at your job Damon, keep it up." Damon looked confused.

"What job Mother?"

"Being a big brother. You take great care of your sister and brother. Remember, There your responsibility." Damon nodded. "Promise you'll always take care of them."

"I promise. Goodnight Mother." He walked out. "Come on Stefan." Stefan ran behind him. Stefan went to his room and Damon went to Elizabeths room. When he tryed to set her down, she woke up and cried out. 

"Dami... stay...." Damon siged and Laid down next to her. Elizabeth laid on Damon, knowing she would be safe with him.

Because he was her big brother, and She knew he would protect her no matter what.

Damon wrapped his arms around his little sister and fell asleep. He would keep her safe.

Because he was her big brother, and he would protect her no matter what.

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