A/N: I just want to say this and it will be explained later in the story Lizzie is not a normal vampire, she needs to breath, she gets sick, she gets cold, she dosen't heal as quickly as regular vampires, shes not as strong or fast and her heart beats.

Stefan woke me up at 7:30 and I was pissed. I wined and snuggled into Damon. 

"Eli youre gonna go to school with me." I pretended to be asleep.

"Eli, I know your not asleep."

"I am to!! Uh I mean....... snoooorrree." I snuggled further into Damon.

"Ok then if your asleep i'll just leave......" I snickered and tryed to go back to sleep. Then I was lifted from Damons chest.


"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?" Damon screamed sitting up. I pushed myself away from Stefan and ran to Damon.

"Stefans trying to make me go to school." Damon sighed.

"Mabye you should, Piccolo..."

"NO!!" I sat in his lap. "Please Dami, Steffy, I've already learned everything!!"

"Ok then, i'll make you a deal. We'll put you one year below me. Sophomore year, and say you skiped a grade." Stefan said.


"I'll pick you up right after school and take you to get an Iphone."

"SCHOOL TIME!!" I screamed and ran to my room. I threw on my black skinny jeans, neon blue vans, a neon green v-neck and my gir hoodie with ears. I looked around my room and relized something.

"STEFAN!! I NEED A BACKPACK!! TAKE ME TO HOTTOPIC!!" In a flash he was infront of me. He held up a peinguin backpack from hottopic. I grabed it and looked inside. It was was full of school suplies, and even had a binder with the clear slip so I could put my own design in it.

"You anticipated this moment didn't you?"


"Thats nice....... ONWARD!!" I jumped on his back. "Giddy up horsey!!" He ran down the stairs making airplane noises. I hit his head. "NO!! YOUR A HORSEY NOT AN AIRPLANE!!!" 

"NEIGHHHH!!!!!!!!" I heared Damon laughing.




At school:

Stefan got my sceduale and I was now going to first period.

My sceduale:

1st- History with stefan 

2nd- Geometrey


3rd- Art with stefan

4th- PE with stefan


5th- English

6th- Chemistry

I ran off to my Geometrey and ran into someone on the way. We both fell on our butts.

"I'm so sorry." He said getting up.

"Don't be. I wasen't watching where I was going." He helped me up. "Im Elizabeth Salvatore."

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