8. Stupid Stefan

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Stefans POV

Elena and I walked up to her porch together It was about 8 at night. She dug in her purse.

"Damn I forgot my key."

"Well, just call Jeremy." I sugested. She nodded and pulled out her blackberry. Elena put the phone up to her ear, then sighed. 

"Strait to voicemail." 

"Let me try Eli." I called and put down the phone. "Strait to voicemail."

"Ok then, come on."

"Where are we going?"


"But ho-"

"Don't make it weird." We went behind the house and climbed up a tree that led to her, and Jeremys window. She went to hers and climed in. We went to Jeremys room.... Eli and Jeremy were sleeping. Me baby sister!! That bastard!

"Are you ok?" Elena snapped me out of my trance

"Yeah" I lied. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"I swear I just saw yor eye twitch." We both stared at each other.

"Sorry, Damon and I are just protective of her." She nodded.


"I'll tell you another time." Elena shrugged him off.

"So lets wake them up. I don't know how you wake up Eli, but I wake up Jeremy two different ways. One," She pointed to the blankets. "Two," She pointed to the light. "Three." She pointed to the ipod Buds. One was in Jeremys ear and one was in My sisters. Elena walked to the bed and pulled off the blanket. I Noteced that Elis shirt was ridden up halfway up her body. Jeremys hand was running up and down her back. 

"Your eye just twitched again."


"On a scale of 1 to 10, how protective of her are you?"

"23" Elena looked at me with wide eyes.

"Okay then."

"Well for Damon its a 60, so Jeremys lucky hes not here." She shook it off and turned on the lights. That woke them up but not for long. They both groaned and Eli looked at me.

"Stefan!" She half wined half yelled. Jeremy shiffed her so she was practicly ontop of him and her face was buried into his neck. Eli didn't protest. Jeremy burried his face in her neck. I growled. Elena obiously heared me.

"Okay your kind of scaring me now." She said.

"Lets just get them to wake up." I ripped the earphones out of there ears. They both groaned again. and Jeremy shifted them again. He rolled over so Elis back was to his stomach and  they were laying on there sides.  Eli put her hands to her face and Jeremy buried his face into her neck. I got tiered of it and just Grabed Eli. That woke her up and she Made a mewing sound. Jeremy sat up and wiped his eyes.

"Come on man, we were sleeping I wasn't hurting her." She said.

"Yeah, Stefan, we were both tiered so we fell asleep."

"Eli salutare Jeremy. Ce ne andiamo."  Eli say bye to Jeremy. Were Leaving.

"Ma Stefan-"  But Stefan-

"ORA."  NOW.

She went to Jeremy and hugged him.

"Bye Jer. I'll see you tomarow." I picked her up and she fell asleep in my arms. Jeremy went back to sleep too. We went downstairs and Elena followed.

"Wait Stefan, Was that Itailan?" I laughed.

"Um, yeah... The last name didn't give it away?"


"Oh. Well bye then."


Elizabeths POV

I woke up laying in the living room, laying on Damon. 

"Hey sleepy head." I groaned.

"What time is it?"

"About 9." I looked around and saw Stefan sitting on the armchair. 

"Stupid Stefan."

"Lizzie, I don't want you alone with Jeremy, not until I know for sure I can trust him. Ok Sweetie?"

"Ok Dami." I yawned. I felt my self being lifted up and caried upstairs before I fell asleep and was placed in my bed.

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