Jeremy's POV

I woke up and sneezed, my arms tightly wrapped around Eliza. She was peacefully sleeping, her head on my chest and her right hand mindlessly running up and down my arm. I brought one hand up to her head and smoothed her hair back. I planted a kiss in the middle of her head, then closed my eyes, leaning my head back. I felt crappy. I opened my eyes again. 

"AHH!!" Damon was standing over us. Eliza woke up and rubbed her eyes. She saw Damon and yawned. 

"Hi Dami." 

"Why are you two half naked?!" Elizabeth groaned. We both sat up. 

"I was burning up, and he felt cold when I touched him. We weren't doing anything, we didn't even kiss." Damon threw our shirts at us.  

"Well get dressed." I grabbed my shirt, and Eliza snatched it from me, then pulled it on. Damon glared at us. 

"What?" She asked. "You walk around here half naked." I kissed her head. 

"C'mon babe, can I please have my shirt back?" She took it off and handed it to me, then put on hers. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. 

"Where are you going?" Damon asked 

"To the kitchen. I'm thirsty." We walked to the fridge she got some orange juice. Eliza jumped up on the island. She took a sip. I stood in front of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, I wrapped my arms around her. 

"Do you want some?" I nodded. She handed the drink to me. I drank some and gave it back to her. She took another sip put it down next to us. I leaned down and buried my face in her neck. 

"What’s wrong Jer?"  

"I don't feel good." She pulled my head up and pressed my hand to her forehead. 

"You have a fever. I knew you shouldn't have laid with me." She tilted my head to the side and licked her lips. "Elena is gonna be pissed when she sees this." Damon walked in. 

"Sees what?" He saw my neck. "You bit him?? When you were sick?" Damon felt my forehead. "No wonder he has a fever." He turned to Eliza. "Heal him. I'll be upstairs." She stroked my cheek.

"You know how I heal you, right?" I shook my head. Eliza pointed to the drawer next to us. 

"Can you hand me a knife?" I grabbed one and handed it to her. She tilted her head to the side, moved her hair to the side, and cut her neck. I freaked out .

"What are you doing?!" Eliza pushed my head to her neck.

"Drink." I shook my head. The cut started to close. 

"Do you trust me?" 

"Yes." She reopened the cut 

"Then drink." I leaned my head down. 

Elizabeth's POV

Jeremy's lips touched my skin around the cut. He started to drink very messily. I moaned in pleasure and tangled my fingers in his hair.  

"Jeremy... Oh my god..." My legs tightened around his waist and I dropped my head back further. I heard him moan. When the wound closed he groaned and pulled away.  

"More!" He exlaimed and licked all the blood from my neck. He brought his head back up and licked his lips. There was blood all over his face. I was shaking, both from the pleasure of him drinking my blood, and from seeing my own blood. I flinched and wiped it away. Jeremy grabbed my hand and licked the blood away. I hid my face in his chest until he finished.

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