"How are you alive?!" Elena asked. Elijah gave her the same explanation he gave me, and she started panicking.

"See, Shes afraid of me." He said. I shrugged.

"I told you, I'm weird." I paused. "Wait, you kidnapped Elena because shes a doppelganger, why did you kidnap me?" Elijah smiled

"Well Elizabeth, you are too." My eyes widened.

"Woah, what?"


"When the Original Witch made us Vampires, we drank the blood of two mortals, Tatia and Antoinette. In order to break the hybrid curse I told you about, Klaus has to drink the blood of both doppelgangers." 

"Why couldn't you have just taken Katherine before Damon killed her or something?" Elijah smiled.

"First of all, I'm not dead." A new voice said. Katherine walked out of the dark and my mouth dropped. "Miss me Elizabeth?" She asked cocking her head.

"Okay, when did this turn into a Mexican soap opera?" I asked.

"Mexican soap opera?" Elena spoke up beside me. I nodded.

"Oh yeah. There much more dramatic. But back on track, how are you alive? Damon killed you too." Wow Damon kills a lot of people.

"I know a witch." Katherine said winking. I rolled my eyes 

"Please don't wink. You look like a deranged cat with a piece of dirt in her eye." I said. "Hey Elijah, if I promise not to try and get away can you let me up?"

"No." He said. "Now. Katherine can't be used in the sacrifice ritual because shes a Vampire." I raised and eyebrow.

"I'm a Vampire."

"But your only half." He said. I nodded slowly,

"Ohhhhhh.... That explains so much. But how am I not full?"

"Because you are a Doppelganger." I let out a frustrated breath. 

"Katherine's a Doppelganger!"

"I was turned by an old Vampire, you were turned by a new one." I sighed.

"And now I have a headache. So when are we gonna meet this big bad Klaus guy?" I asked shifting around trying to get comfortable in the chair.

"You don't." Elijah awnsered. "That's why I took you. I don't want him finding you." I pulled at the chains more. "He has been a disgrace to me and my siblings and- will you stop that?!" 

"Well sorry, this isn't exactly the definition of comfort." I mumbled. Elijah sighed and walked out of the room, throwing his hands up.

"I give up!" He shouted. Katherine followed him and I sunk in my chair, sighing. Wow this is gonna be a long day.


"Elijah, this isn't fucking funny, give me some goddamn blood!" So two days had passed and I was feeling horrible. The Vervain was still in my system and I needed blood. But Elijah decided to be a douche bag and keep me hand cuffed to the stupid chair so I wouldn't try anything funny.

Elena had stopped complaining about an hour ago and just slumped in her chair. It took me yelling at her for her to shut up, I had it alot worse than she did.

Just then, One Direction burst into the room, singing "Save You Tonight." Niall unlocked my cuffs and Zayn untied Elena. They scooped us up in their arms and walked out. Then we all decided to go on tour together. I made a group called Opposite Direction which consisted of Betty White, Khloe Kardashian, Sarah Palin, Elena and me as singers. Dwayne Johnson played guitar, Adam Sandler played drums, and Tom Bergeron played the keyboard. 

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