12. Hand Games.

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I  woke up clutching Damons shirt. It was 7 o'clock, at the latest. Lexi was on the other side of the bed. Damon had his arms tightly wraped around me, and he was playing with my hair subconsiously. I yawned and loosened my grip on Damons shirt, snuggleing into him. Him playing with my hair made me sleepy and relaxed. When my father used to do it I would flinch away. When the servents brushed my hair I would stiffen up and try to do it myself. Eventualy I demanded to have Damon or Stefan do it.

Of course I got my way.

But not at first.

 I asked my Father and he said no, so I threw a fit. When he wouldn't say yes I sucked in a breath of air. And held it in. So he said yes when my face turned purple.                      

I let my mind wander and rested my head on Damons chest, wanting to go back to sleep. All of the sudden, Stefan came out of no where and riped the curtains opened. Lexi and Damon both woke up with a groan and I buried my face in Damons Shirt, hissing at the sudden brightness. 

"Good Morning!!" Stefan said cutely. 

"Uhhhhhhh........" We all groned. Stefan laughed. 

"Come on get up!!" Kiwi walked in and Barked in agreement. I sat up and patted my leg. My cute doggie ran to me and hoped up on the bed. I petted her.

"Whyed you have to wake us uuppppp?" Lexi asked.

"Why are you and Damon sleeping in the same bed?"

"When dont they?" I awnsered.

"So True." Stefan said. "But why are you here? Shouldn't you be with Jeremy?"


"Ahh." He came over and layed on the bed. "I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyy......."

"Me toooo...." I said. "Dami, make breakfest...." Damon sighed.

"Ok what do you want?"  Me and Stefan grinned at each other.

"FRENCH TOAST!!!!" We shouted together. He got up and walked downstairs. I walked across the hall to My room and woke up Jeremy.

"Jer!" He woke up and looked at me.

"Hey... you okay?" I smiled and hugged him.

"Yeah... sorry about that. I hate when people touch me after a nightmare, exept for Damon and Stefan. I just feel like they'll hurt me, Even if I know them, and trust them. I didn't even let my father touch me. I hated it. With Stefan and Damon, I know If I'm with them, nothing in the world can hurt me. Do you understand?" He nodded.

"I understand. But Eliza, I will never hurt you. I'm your best freind, remember?" I nodded. "One day I'll get you to trust me."

"I do trust you, Jer."

"I mean comepletly trust me, ok?" 



"Ching ching china

went to Carolina

Tried to make a dollar

out of 15 cents

She missed, she missed,

She missed like this" I landed with my legs crossed and turned then started walking torwards the kitchen. Lexi laughed.

"Do you know ring ching china?" I grinned. "Yep. But we need four people... theres two of us so.... Oh Stefaaaannnnn, Jeremmmmyyyyyy." They both came in.

"Yeah?" Jeremy asked.

"Play ring ching china with us?" 

"Sure." Stefan said. He already knew it, we taught it to him and Damon. After teaching it to Jeremy we started.

"Ring ching china

rythym of the beat

were gonna rock to the tree house

all day long 

huffin and a puffin 

and a singin our song

all the little birdys on  Jbird Street,

love to hear the robins go 

tweet tweet tweet.

Rockin robins, tweet tweetalite

rockin robins tweet tweetalite." We all laughed and ran to the kitchen.

"Breakfasts ready!" Damon said setting the plates on the table.


Jeremy and I sat on my bed talking about random stuff. Damon went to starbucks to get coffee and Stefan and Lexi were at Walmart getting poptarts (hunting.)

"So, theres a party tonight at the lockwood house. Stefan and Elena are supposed to go to a diferent party. Wanna go?" I nodded.

"Sounds fun. Yeah lets go." Just then Damon walked in. 

"I'm home!! Got you guys coffee!!"

"Let me deal with Damon. Wait here." I whispered, then ran downstairs and hugged Damon. He hugged me back and handed me mine and Jeremys coffee.

"Here ya go Lizzie." I smiled. 

"Thanks. Hey Dami, Jeremy said theres a party tonight at the lockwoods and-"


"But Dami-"

"Your to young for high school parties. You will not go to that party."

"But I'm over one hundred years old. Why can't I-"

"I don't care If your ten thousand years old. To me your only 13. Stefans 17. I'm 21. And we will always be 13, 17, and 21. Do you understand?" I nodded and hung my head. Damon pulled me to his chest and kissed my head. "I'm sorry I changed you so early Sweetheart. I couldn't stop myself. You know I've been trying to find a witch to change you back." 

He was. The plan was to find a witch, have her change me human, wait untill I turned 17, and He would change me back to a vampire. But he haden't been able too find a witch that didn't hate him.

"I know."

"But until then, your 13, okay Piccolo. I love you so much. And I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. I love you too." I put my arms around his neck, and he put his around me. I looked up at him and smiled. "I understand your reasons."


"So He said no?" Jeremy whispered to me.

"Yeah he did."

"So were not going?"

"The hell were not going." I said with an evil smirk. Except in the back of my mind, a little voice screamed What the hell are you doing?! Hes gonna catch you dumbass!!

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