Tuesday 4 PM

Jeremy Stefan Elena, and I walked into the house. Damon was sitting on the couch watching tv. I walked up to him and hugged him from behind. 

"Did you enjoy our prank, Dami?" I asked. Stefan Elena and Jeremy snickered. 

"We worked hard on it." Stefan said.

"You two are cleaning it up." Damon gave us an annoyed smile. We nodded.

"Fair enough."  I said. "Hey, lets make it fun."

"How?" Stefan asked.

"Its a nice day, why don't we all get into bathing suits and wash the car?" Elena frowned.

"It would be fun, but Jer and I don't have our bathing suits." Jeremy awwed.

"But 'Leeeeennnnaaaaa!" I laughed at him.

"Its okay, I have one of Lexis bathing suits in my room, and Jer, you can borrow one of Stefans." I said. Elena nodded and Jeremy grinned.

"Dami, wanna come too?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" I giggled and we alll ran upstairs. Stefan and Jeremy ran into his room and Stefan screamed.

"WHY THE HELL DO YOU TWO KEEP GOING AFTER MY ROOM?!" He screamed. Damon had covered his room in pink. He even had pink bed sheets, and furniture.

"You went after my baby. It was only fair." He said. I laughed. 

"He got you good, Stef." I said and hugged Damon.

"You might wanna check your room, Eli."  Elena called. I stoped laughing. 

"You didn't." I spoke through my teeth. Damon shruged. I ran to my room and screamed. My walls were fuzzy and pink!!! Everything in my room was pink! How come Stefan didn't get fuzzy walls?!

"DAMON YOU ASSHOLE!!!!! WHATS UP WITH YOU AND PINK?! YOU CAN WASH YOUR OWN DAMN CAR!!!!" I heared laughing from across the hall

"Fair enough." He awnsered. 

Wensday 2 AM

Stefan and I sneaked into Damons room like ninjas. We were both in all black. Stefan had my bag of nail polish in his hand and I had makeup.

"Ok, you paint his nails. I'll work on the make up." I wispered. Stefan nodded.

"Do you have the wig?" He wispered back.

"Yeah." I opened the blush and it made a huge clicking noise. Damon stirred. Stefan and I excanged a scared look and ducked under the bed. Stefan laughed and I covered his mouth.

"Be quiet." I mouthed. He nodded. We waited untill we heard Damon lightly snore to get back up and finish the prank.

Good thing I taught Damon and Stefan how to paint Nails. 

Stefan snapped a few pictures and snikered. When we were done we sneaked out of Damon room and went to mine.

Wensday 7 AM

Damons POV

I got out of bed and went to go wake Stefan and Lizzie up. They were both out of bed already. Weird. I walked downstairs and saw them both sitting at the table eating cereal, a coffee cup infrot of each of them.

"Good Morning." I said. 

"Morning." Stefan said through a mouthful of cereal. Lizzie slaped his shoulder

"Ewww Stefan your nasty! Morning Damon." She said. I reached up and scratched my head. And felt a wig. 

"The fuck?" I pulled it down. It was pink, and curly. Lizzie and Stefan burst out laughing and handed me a mirror. 

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