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Okay, honnoring the 4th of July and America, the home of the free and the land of the brave, I've desided to write this little oneshot thingy. So enjoy :D This has nothing to do with the current story line. Its just a cute little oneshot. So... Yeah... Enjoy! Oh and I don't know if there was fireworks in the 1800's so.... just pretend there was.

Mystic Falls, July 4, 1843

Giuseppe and Daniella Salvatore sat on the grass of their estate, looking up at the sky. Daniella was curled up in her husbands arms and leaning back against him. Giuseppe was rubbing her stomach.

"What will we name the baby?" He asked. Daniella looked away from the beautiful display of fireworks above and cocked her head.

"I do not know. We have to figure out something, he is coming soon." Giuseppe shook his head.

"Now Daniella, we don't know if it is a boy or-" 

"It is a boy Giuseppe. I know it." He kissed his wife's forehead.

"Okay. I am sorry. But lets discuss the name shall we?" Daniella sighed.

"Later, please? Now lets just watch the fireworks." They sat back and enjoyed the rest of the show. When it was over, Giuseppe helped his wife up and wrapped one arm around her.

"Damon." Daniella said.


"Damon. I want to name the baby Damon." Giuseppe smiled.

"I like it." He put his hand on her stomach and cooed.

"What do you think, Damon?" Then, both of them felt the baby kick.

"He likes it." Daniella said. They hugged and walked inside.

 Mystic Falls July 4th, 1852

"Hurry Stef, come on!" A nine year old Damon cried running down the stairs. Five year old Stefan ran as fast as he could after him.

"I am coming Damon! I am coming! Wait! Hold on! Don't run Damon! No fair, wait for me!" He screamed. Damon halted to a stop once they were outside and Stefan ran right into him. He fell down, but got back up quickly. Damon ploped down on the grass and Stefan sat next to him. They stared up at the sky 'Ooh' and 'Ahh' ing. 

"Mother! Father! Hurry! You are going to miss the fireworks!" Damon yelled. Giuseppe and Daniella came through the doors, Giuseppe helped his wife down the stairs and they walked to their son's. They sat down and Daniella took Stefan in her lap, Giuseppe placed Damon in him. Stefan placed her hand on his mothers stomach.

"Is there really a baby in- oh!" Stefan pulled his hand away from his mothers stomach. "Mother, is something wrong?"

"No Sweetie, your baby sister just kicked. You and Damon did that too."  She looked at her oldest child. "Do you remember feeling Stefan kick, Damon?" Damon nodded.

"Can I feel, Mother?" She nodded. Damon and Stefan each put a hand on her stomach and grinned at each other when the baby kicked. The fireworks above them exploded more offten, and more extravagantly, signaling that the show was coming to an end.

Later that night, Damon laid in his bed, restless. He wanted to see more fireworks. He sat on his window seat and stared outside.

Oh well.

He would have to wait untill next year, so he could watch them with his baby sister too.

Mystic Falls July 4th, 1853

"Are you ready to see fireworks, Lizzie?" Elizabeth nodded franticly at her big brothers. Damon, ten years old, scooped her up in his arms and ran out the door, A six year old Stefan following. They sat down on the grass, Elizabeth in Damons lap, Stefan leaning against Damon. 

Giuseppe and Daniella walked down the stairs smiling at the sight of their children.

"Remember Eli, the fireworks are going to be up there." Stefan said pointing to the sky. "So look up when you hear them." Elizabeth had never seen fireworks before in her life, or known what they looked like. She gazed up at the sky like her big brothers told her to do. The first one exploded with a loud boom, startling Elizabeth. She looked wide eyed at Damon who smiled.

"Thats how fireworks sound, Lizzie. Don't be scared." Elizabeth looked back at the sky and cocked her head.

She watched in awe as the fireworks would shoot up in the night sky, then explode, filling the sky with color and light. Elizabeth was amazed.

She liked fireworks.

New York July 4th, 1932

 Elizabeth excitedly raced through the crowd, pushing who she had to so she could get to the front. Damon and Stefan had taken her to see the fireworks in New York and she was determined to see them as close as she could. 

She grinned with excitement when the first one exploded and Stefan and Damon caught up to her. Elizabeth hugged her big brothers tightly.

"Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!" She watched exictedly and screached with happiness everytime there was an especialy pretty firework.

The sibblings enjoyed watching the show. They all loved fireworks and always had. Damon and Stefan grinned up at the sky, and Elizabeth was more excited than all of the little kids there put together.

The show was extravigant and she was completely happy that she got to see it with her brothers.

And im a little late posting this but... oh well :) new chappie soon :)

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