chapter one

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just like any typical friday night, seonghwa and his friends were at a party. all around them were sweaty bodies that were dancing, drinking, and making out.

"hey mingi, pass me another beer!" san called out to his friend who nodded and handed him his fourth can for the night.

as the party continued on, seonghwa noticed his friend jongho look down at his phone and roll his eyes. "hey jongho, what's wrong?" seonghwa asked, screaming so jongho could hear him over the blasting music in the background.

"my mother just texted me and said i need to babysit my fucking brother next saturday night." jongho said as he rolled his eyes.

"well what's wrong with that, don't you typically watch him?" seonghwa asked, slightly confused as to why this annoyed jongho so much.

"well, i has a date planned with ryujin next saturday, but i guess i'll have to call it off." jongho said, raising his arms in defeat.

"why can't someone else just watch him?" seonghwa asked, "isn't he like sixteen anyway? why does he even need a babysitter?"

"you know how my brother is. he... he just does. but i don't want to watch him next weekend! i finally set a date up with one of the hottest chicks in school, and my little brother is going to ruin that for me? hell no. i'm not doing it. i'll figure something out." jongho said, annoyed.

a few moments later, a lightbulb went off in jongho's head. "i have a perfect idea to figure out who will watch hongjoong next weekend." jongho said as he looked into seonghwa's eyes.

"who?" seonghwa asked, curious.

"hurry up, get san, mingi, and yunho over here. i'll grab a new can of beer for each of you." jongho said as he sprung up and ran towards the table of drinks. seonghwa was still confused, but listened nonetheless.

"hey guys, come over here," seonghwa asked the other three boys, who were sitting in a circle with a few other classmates of theirs. "jongho wants to do something with us."

"really? right now? can't you see i'm a bit busy?" san said, annoyed as he had a girl named chaeryeong on his lap.

"yes, right now. it shouldn't be long, so hurry up." seonghwa beckoned and san rolled his eyes, excusing himself as chaeryeong got off his lap.

"what could you possibly want? i had a hot girl on my lap and you ruined the vibe." san said with his hands on his hips, obviously annoyed at the younger.

jongho put his hands up in defence. "i'm sorry choi, but this needs to happen now. as i was explaining to seonghwa, my mom just asked me to babysit my brother next saturday but i have a date with ryujin and there's no way i'm breaking it."

"ok, so what does this have to do with us? and four cans of beer?" mingi asked, confused.

"let me explain," jongho said, "we'll head outside to not make a mess, but each of you will shotgun a beer. i'll time you all. whoever takes the longest to finish the can will have to babysit hongjoong next weekend."

the four boys looked at him, not excited about jongho's idea. "what the hell, man! that is not my job." san said as he put his hands up in defense.

"well if it's not your job, make sure you can finish this beer fast." jongho said, waving a can in the air.

"but i don't drink, jongho. i have to drive, remember?" yunho stated.

"you'll be fine. we're not leaving for another two hours or so anyway, one beer only stays in your system for about an hour or so." jongho reminded yunho but he still huffed, not really wanting to drink.

"fine. but come on guys, it's the least we can do. he just needs some help, and it's a fair game to see who'll have to do it." yunho said, defending jongho.

"well if you're being so sweet about it, why don't you just watch him?" san said, giving yunho a look.

"just play the game. you always say you're the best at shotgunning beer, so prove it and you won't have to watch his brother." yunho said, making san nod his head in agreement.

"ok, let's go." jongho said as he led the boys into the backyard of minho's house, the boy who was hosting the party.

"ok, tell me when you're ready." jongho said as he opened his phone to a stopwatch.

"ok, we're good!" mingi called out as the other three boys prepared for their battle.

"ok, on the count of three, one... two... three!" jongho exclaimed as he put on the stopwatch, all four boys breaking the bottle and tilting their heads to suck down the bitter liquid.

like yunho stated before, san was the master at shotgunning beer. he finished in a whopping seven seconds. mingi wasn't too far behind, finishing in nine. it was down to seonghwa and yunho, both being a bit slower.

as the stopwatch neared thirteen seconds, yunho slammed his can onto the ground. seonghwa finished not even a second later, but alas was the loser.

"ha! you lost bitch! you have to babysit a highschooler!" san said in between laughs, pointing at seonghwa while holding his stomach.

"ugh, whatever!" seonghwa said, throwing his arms in the air in frustration, "it can't be that difficult anyway, he's sixteen for god's sake."

"yeah, that's what you'd think." jongho said with a headshake.

"fuck, there goes my saturday night." seonghwa put his head in his hands, "but whatever, that's not important right now. let's just enjoy the night while we can." seonghwa mumbled, obviously annoyed at his new weekend duty.

seonghwa turned around and walked back into minho's house without giving the four boys a second glace. they all just shrugged, happy they didn't lose jongho's bet.

i really hope this is a good first chapter... i'm trying my best! lol, thank you to anyone who read. i love you already!

 i love you already!

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