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READ!! I want you guys to think of names for girls and boys! Let me know what you want the baby to be called but it CANNOT be a name I've already used. Don't go skip to conclusion here and assume she will get pregnant, I'm not a predictable person...

~Jordan's POV~

After the ceremony, we all left to go do our own thing. It was 4 pm so Indie and I decided we would just spend some us time at home. We got home and turned in some animal documentary about elephants and we snuggled together on the couch just enjoying being in the others presence.

I really wanted to talk to Indie about something very important. It was that moment when all of us were onstage. With Indie by my side and Carly infront, it seemed like I was the dad, she was the mum and Carly was our daughter and the thought of actually starting a real family with Indie hit me hard.

What hit me harder was that I felt ready to do it. I know we are young but we are mates, nothing will ever separate us and besides, if we don't start now, we are only wasting time. I want a large family and ever since Indie was little, she dreamed about starting a family with her mate and having lots of kids. This was before I found out she was my second mate and we were best friends, well besides Bindi and Nick.

We would run down to a little lake and swim and just talk. She would tell me her slams for when she got older and how I would be the uncle and god father of her kids and I told her she would be the auntie of mine but now, we will be the mother and father of our kids. Together.

"What are you smiling about?" Indie asked me smiling in her velvet voice. I shivered at how close her mouth was to my ear and her warm minty breath fanning over my neck had goosebumps appearing. I guess I must of been smiling at the thought of us finally having pups. "Our future actually." I said honestly.

Indie's smiled dropped and was replaced with a serious look. She moved from her snuggled position and shuffled back so she could face properly. I frowned in confusion but did the same as her. I looked at her expectantly waiting for her to speak. A little smile crept on her face but she tried to rid it, trying to remain serious.

"I was actually wanting to talk to you about that. Our future together I mean." She tells me. My heart starts beating rapidly at her words. "Yes." I cautiously say. Indie becomes fidgety and starts to play with her hands and a smile keeps trying to spread across her face.

"Well, when you handed me the ring-" she stops and her face goes pale. "The ring." She whispers horrified. "I shifted with the ring on! Oh my god Jordan, I broke it, I broke the ring. She looked down at her finger and it was empty. I just sat there waiting for her to calm down. She kept saying sorry and started to hyperventilate when i stepped in.

"Indie, I had the ring made of a special matter. When you shifted into Opal, you had the ring on. Well the ring is made of a substance where when you shift, it transforms size to fit on your paw, it literally is a part of you. You can take it off but no matter which form you shift into, the ring shifts with it. But, when we driving to the airport you fell asleep and I took off you ring so you could go past the metal detected without waking up. I just forgot to give it back to you, that's all." I explain.

I run up to my room and pull out my jeans I was wearing and in the pocket, was the sapphire ring, good as new. I ran back down and have it to her. She sighed in relief and hurriedly put the ring back on her finger. "Much better." She said and I agree.

We sat back down and she shock her head getting back to the topic before. "When we marked each other and you proposed and when Carly joined the pack as part of our family it got me thinking. Though all those times were perfect It felt like something was missing." She said. My heart sunk at her words.

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