Fuck a duck

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~Indie's POV~

I'm currently waiting in a corridor. I can hear my ex mate Sam talking to his pack about something, I really don't care enough to listen. I just want to know why the ass swipe has kidnapped me and is holding me hostage.

I'm too busy in my own thought that I hardly realise I'm being pushed onto the small make shift stage right in front of Sam's throne room. Two large black thrones are at the back of the room. I'm guessing one is his and the other for his current whore.

The crowd goes deadly silent as I walk formally up to Sam and allow him to possessively wrap his arms around me like a good mate should. The reason being Sam has 30 pack warriors watching Jordan. If I miss behave, they'll shoot him.

His pack goes wild at the Alpha and Luna together finally. You see, he told them that Jordan stole me from him and he wants me back blah blah blah. I'm so confused right now but I stand there and keep my head high and avoid all eye contact.

Sam speaks for another 10 minutes about some shit. I tune out and call out to Opal. She is still out cold but I try nonetheless. I feel Sam yank me away and he pulls me through his huge mansion. I'm seriously not kidding. It held some King and Queen a but load of decades ago and he bought it. It has 500 rooms!

"Where are we going you dick sandwich?" I growl at him. "To my bedroom skank." He answers. "Why am I here? You rejected me, I don't have feelings for you anymore. My mate is Jordan now not you!" I yelled at him. His face grew red then purple rage and his veins were popping out like surfaced worms all over his face.

We reached the a double door and he threw me inside. "I don't want you or love you but I need you. Has you wolf been acting strange lately, has she been stopping your from shifting? That's because you, my skank are not an ordinary wolf. You have an irregular wolf. There is a prophecy about an irregular wolf and I have spent my whole life looking for you. The prophecy says

A western she wolf chosen by fates

Will live a life lead by her mates

But for her mate who gives their mark

Will control the she wolf and her powers so dark

When I mark you, your wolf will shift into death wolf. It will be twice the size of an Alpha but twice the obeying to me. With you by my side I will be King of all werewolves and you will be completely helpless.

But my favourite part is, you can kill a person just by looking at them. Think of how much quicker that is going to be! And even better how good it will be when you kill Jordan." He finished with an evil laugh.

"You monster!" I choke out through my thick sobs. "Oh don't cry, you look so ugly when you do." Sam insults me. I fall to the ground and let the loud cries and wet tears take control of me."Stand up and shut up scum!" He yells while kicking me in the ribs. I'm too drained to argue and comply.

"There is one more thing I forgot to mention. You fall pregnant much earlier, your pregnancy lasts three months and your off spring will be death wolves and slaves to me too. Just imagine our children, enslaving the werewolf world. Get comfy, I'll be back and when I do, i mark and mate you!" He yells as he locks the behind him and locks it shut.

Indie Opal coughs out. Hang on what!?

'Opal, your awake! You didn't you tell me about all of this though?'

I-I didn't think it was necessary. If Jordan marked us then I would change in appearance and become stronger but not a death wolf because he isn't evil like Sam and has no evil intentions. I though we were safe. I'm sorry Indie this is my fault. She mind links me.

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