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~Indie's POV~

It's two weeks before the wedding and I've got both venues sorted. We will say I do in the pack garden like my parents and the wedding reception is being held on a small private beach owned by western pack, my pack. I've organised, food, flowers, decorations and the invasions have been sent out two days ago but, I still haven't found a wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses and I'm starting to get worried.

The good side is no one is wearing shoes since we are trying to keep it I touch with nature. That and if I walk in shoes I'll die from the blisters and intense swelling all around my feet. I love my unborn pup but it's just a pain sometimes the handicaps it gives me. I want it out. I'm moody and tired almost always and my one slim and toned figure is now a beach ball.

I haven't been able to shift into Opal since I found out I was carrying a little miracle becuase it could seriously damage my pup. There is no definite outcome that it may affect my baby but I don't want to take any risks.

I really want to know if it is a girl or boy. I think it is a boy but Jordan thinks its a girl and lately, I have been having terrible morning sickness and an old wives tale suggests that morning sickness means a girl so that just fuels Jordan's belief that I'm carrying a little girl. But I know its a baby boy, I just feel it.

I snap out of my thought and with the help of my protective personal guards, Peter and Alex I stand up and waddle out of the fourth bridal store. Bindi and Laura have helped me so much with everything from picking the flowers which are white tulips and decorations like blue and white twinkling lights hanging above a 10 large out door tent things that can hold 12 people easily for the reception and my wedding cake. I haven't seen it yet since Jordan and Bindi picked it.

"Luna, do you want us to get you a wheel chair?" Asks a smirking Alex. I've grown really fond of Alex and Peter and we hang out a lot. The only reason Jordan hasn't ripped there heads off is because they have their own mates who occasionally drop by to see their mates. I give him a filthy glare and whack him on the back of the head. Both the boys burst out laughing as I huff and wrap my arms under my belly and continue to walk.

They know I hate being called Luna and I hate depending on other people. I like to be dependent and they know that. That's why they are always making fun of me saying they should take turns carrying me or that i should get a golf cart to drive around in. I know it seems petty but it annoys to me to know end.

You know what else? I told Jordan about it and he actually legitimately thought it was a good idea! He wasn't even joking around, he bought me a wheel chair so I could use it when I go shopping. He was even hesitant to let me go shopping! He gets worried when I walk to the fucking toilet to take a shit!

He is just being protective of us. He has nearly lost you before and now you carry his pup, it is only right for him to act this way. Opal tells me in her confucious voice. Ever since she found out I'm with child, shes been all wise owl on me and its so annoying.

I turn around decide that if they are going to treat me like an incapable person, then that's what they'll get. I internally laugh at how fun this is going to be for me. I'm going to make there life hell. I turn around and face the still laughing boys and smile as sweetly as I can manage.

"Oh Alex that's so sweet of you, my feet do hurt so I would love a wheel chair right now." That shuts them up. The snap the heads up at me and stare at me like I've grown horns, demon wings and I'm spitting for out of my mouth. Alex eyes me carefully before nodding his head and out comes a guard with a wheel chair.

Alex and Peter may be my 24 hour guards but I know for a fact there is around 20 more guards in the shop watching me, I just pretend to ignore it. Peter grabs the chair cautiously approaches me. He puts it behind me and I sit down. "Thank you peter." I coo at him. They are still starring at me like I'm crazy. "Come on, let's go the next shop." I say and much to my dismay, I get pushed along in a chair like a fucking crippled.

We reach the next store and head straight to the bridesmaid dress section. I step up from the wheel chair and start looking the long racks of dresses. I turn to face them. "I'll need your help with this please." I ask my boys. "Of course Indie." They reply. "I need you to find me all the dark blue dresses you can that are knee length please, for Laura and Bindi." I tell them.

I sigh a bit, a little upset they couldn't be here with me. Laura is picking up the final decorations and Bindi is at the cake place choosing the right flavour. I told her to get whatever she liked because we have the exact same taste in sweet stuff so whatever she likes I know I'll like too.

~20 minutes later~

There are about 15 different types of dark blue and knee length dresses around me. I'm so confused, I don't which one to get. I feel my hormones going crazy and then I burst into tears. Alex and Peter are used to it now and I try hard to not cry infront of them I really do. They hate seeing their Luna cry and it upsets them and it upsets me to see them upset so I cry even more.

It's a vicious cycle of tears and they will do anything to get me to laugh. Peter and Alex look at me sobbing and their face is full of pain. "Please don't cry Indie." Alex says while pulling me into a hug. I wrap my arms around him and then Peter comes and from behind and squishes us gently together being mindful of my baby. "Sandwich hug!" He screams getting a few odd stares from the humans. I laugh a little through my sobs and wipe the tears away.

They pull back and I see them mind linking each other. "Are you scared you're going to pick the wrong dress for them?" Peter asks me softly. I look at him and nod my head, feeling more tears threaten to spill. They nod their heads and grab half of the dress each and walking away.

"Stay here for a minute Indie." Peter says over his shoulder. I nod and look around for a chair I can sit in. I see a comfy looking couch in our section of the boutique facing a small cat walk used for modelling dresses. I sit down and close my eyes. I sit there for a bit until I hear Alex's voice.

"Presenting Alexis and Patricia!" He yells in an announcer voice. I open my eyes and frown in confusion and then I see the most horrific sight ever. Alex and Peter are wearing a dress and are walking up and down the walk way.

I stare at them, gaping with my mouth wide open and my eyes nearly bulging out of my head. Laughs are echoing all around as human females stop and stare at the two large and bulky men strutting around in small bridesmaid dresses. I burst into laughter and see the two hi five each other in victory. I wasn't kidding when I said they do anything to stop me crying.

This goes on for about another 10 minutes until I see my dress. My wedding dress, at the back of the store, hanging on a rack next to other maternity dresses is the gown I will defiantly say I do in!

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