Damn you monday

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Indie's pov

If Monday had a face, I would punch it. Nothing compares to complete and utter heart break i face every monday morning. I groan in annoyance as I roll out of bed and onto the hard timber floor. I groggily stand up and trudge over to my bathroom muttering a string of curses about how i vow to one day end the existence of floors.

Indie, why are you so weird says my wolf Opal with a wolfs laugh

'because if I wasn't, then who would freak the fuck out of people' I shout back at her. I love opal i really do but dayum she a bitch sometimes.

I strip off my pj's and step into the shower turning on the hot water letting it fog up my mirror. I decide that its time for another limited edition Indie Jackman concerts starring Indie Jackman. "Thankyou ladies and gents for coming tonight boy oh boy what i night we've got instore!" I yell in my announcer voice.

Oh Indie not again! Please, I know you like singing and your good at it but can't it wait until it's not 6:30 in the morning!

Complains my self obsessed wolf. 'No Opal, it's Indie time and that means singing time so shut up and listen to the sound of an angel!' I yell back at her. As I suck in a deep breath I hear Opal huff and growl about me being a dumbass. Gee, thanks Opal love you to.

Smile though your heart is aching

Smile, even though it's breaking

When they're are clouds in the sky you'll get by

If you smile through your pain and sorrow

Smile, and then tomorrow you'll see the sun come sunshine through

For you!

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

Although a tear

Maybe ever so near

That's the time you must keep on smiling

Smile what's the use of crying

You'll find that life is still worth while

If you'll just smile

As I finish the song I cant help but sigh. This song was so true. I wash with cherry scented soap and then I add a hand full shampoo and conditioner to my hair medium length, light brown hair. I took in a deep breath as the smell of cherries and soap came to my nose.

As the last of the soapy suds swirl around the tile floor and down the drain i turn of the taps and step out into the cold air and wrap my body in a blue fluffy towel saying "Suck it up" in black stitching. I dry my body and hair then contemplate what I will wear today. I'm fortunate enough to go to a non uniform school in my land Australia! Yeah, the one with the kangaroos and the big rock called Uluru, that one.

As I scan my wardrobe i pull out dark denim mid thigh length shorts that hug my hips, a loose plain purple shirt on and plain black flats. I apply some lip gloss and a small amount of mascara around my dark brown eyes before I nod in approval. I brush and out my light brown medium length hair into a pony tail. Liking my appearance I decide its time to go.

I jog out of my room and into my empty kitchen. I don't live in the pack house like the majority of people do. My mother died giving childbirth to my little brother Dean who was born with half a lung. Dean died a week later and my father followed from a broken heart. That was 9 years ago when I was 7. My pack is my family and they took me in and raised me like a daughter and a sister. My Alpha and Luna, Simon and Rain pretty much adopted me. I became best friends with their daughter Bindi and now we are inseparable.

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