Bye bye

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~Jordan's pov~

I told indie that I would mark her this Sunday yesterday, Friday. It's nearly midday and I haven't even heard from her. No phone call, mind link, not even a fucking text message!

I get she is mad but I've been waiting for so long, I wont loose Indie, I cant. There is no life with out her. My world revolves around her and I love her already. I have only ever felt love once, when I first saw Indie when I came home to commit suicide after I saw my first mate die in a car crash. Isaac whimpers at the memory.

She stood there utterly flawless. My princess is an angel and whether other people say it's too soon to say it, I completely and utterly in love with Indie Jackman.

I only hope she feels the same way...

~Indies pov~

I think I'm falling for him. I couldn't tell him though. I thought about the possibility of him marking me and the more I think about, the more I realise I can only gain. Gain a mate, mark, a Luna position. There isn't anything I have to loose. So why am I so scared?

I wonder a lot of the time of Jordan feels the way I do. Does he feel the butterflies I so desperately try to hide when I am around him. Does he smile like I do when he talks to me. All I want is to please him, make him feel proud to call me his Luna, be there for him and love him like a real mate should.

I only hope he feels the same way. I swing myself out of bed finally at around 11:45 am. I'm just casually lying in bed talking to Opal about stuff. She hasn't been her normal self though. Not adding her opinion, not arguing at me eating shit food..... It's been amazing! However, it's not the Opal I love.

For some strange reason, I feel it has something to do with her not wanting to shift. Note to self I need to ask her about that later on but any way back on track.

I've been dreading this day for a while now and that's why I'm reluctant to get out of bed. To me, if I get out of bed then the day will start and I don't want it too. if About 5 months ago, Bindi won a cruise ticket from Australia to New Zealand and back.

It was only one ticket and I'm now, now I'm not going to see my absolute best friend in the whole entire galaxy for about a month or two. Queue violins.

I don't bother showering, I'll come home and shower after. A swap my boxers and singlet for a loose jumper, skinny jeans and no shoes. I pull the sleeves down to my finger tips and waddle out the house to say goodbye to my Bindi.

Just thinking about her leaving is making me tear up and Opal whimper since not only is Bindi my best friend but her wolf called Pepper is Opal's best friend as well. I jog down the street not bothering to avoid those little sharp stones along the side walk. Flash back as too why.....

As a kid when my mum and dad were still alive and just before mum got pregnant with my baby brother, i was obsessed with lego and would walk over it and be so used to it, I don't feel a thing. I have bloody immortal feet!

As I'm about two houses away I see Bindi packing her large purple suitcase I bought for her last year at Christmas time. This brings tears to my eyes as I sprint towards her with my arms outstretched. She sees me at the last 20 meters and runs towards me too.

We slam into each other's arms and the first thing I think of 'FUCK THAT HURT MY CHESTA AREA!' But I ignore it and just emotionally break down and start sobbing into Bindis shoulder while she cries into mine. She in my arms and I already miss her!

~Bindi's POV~

Shit that hurt my boobs ALOT! Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Keep it together Bindi, keep it together. Oh fuck it I don't want to leave her! So I let my tears fall freely and soak into Indie's baggy jumper, the one I bought for her on her last birthday!

I hear Pepper talking to Opal so I mind link Indie about it and tell her to listen.

'Im gonna miss you sexy!' Opal hollers.

'Tell Indie to come with us! I don't want to leave if your here' Pepper whimpers.

'Talk to me very day fuck face or I'll chase you down!' Opal playfully threatens.

'Sure thing hoe!' Pepper laughs back.

They are so adorable together. I'm seriously gonna find it hard to not be around her. We haven't gone more then 3 days apart. Ever! We pull apart and wipe our noses and our eyes.

That's when I take in Indies appearance. I love my babe but damn she looks like shit! "Indie, did even sleep last night! Look at those bags under your eyes! I exclaim.

"Thanks Binds, they're prada." She jokes. It a little things we have. She looks at me and laughs. "What?" I ask her. "You look like you've been raped, seriously. You ruined your hair in our hug and your mascara is dripping down your face."

"Oh shit, not my mascara, it's literally worth more then you!" I yell and laugh. "You bitch, did you forget who bought it for you?" She asks standing there with her hands on her hips like a mother grilling a child.

I stop laughing then blush as I remember. "You did" I answer pushing her to the ground. "Always got to rain on my parade you attention hore!"

"Bindi, you should have left 20 minutes ago! Your gonna miss the-" Jordan my big bro yells as he jogs out the door and down the stairs, but when he sees Indie, he freezes and so does she.

Well this is AWKWARD! Suddenly I really need to sneeze and I don't have time to react as it comes out and I nearly fall over. Hey, my sneezes are fucking violent but it's worse that I broke the awkward silence. I blush then start to open the side door to get away from the tension.

"Bye Indie, I'll miss you and Jordan, don't you fuck my best friend thanks!" Then i hop in my car and drive away to the docks before I miss the cruise. Ship.

~Jordan's pov~

As my little sister drives away, I'm standing there completely shocked, very embarrassed and slightly intrigued at the thought of Bindi's farewell. I look over at Indie and see her blushing furiously. I smirk as I know what she's thinking of.

Then I remember my beautiful mate has been ignoring me and I approach her about it. She's still looking down the road at the long gone car. She is tearing up again and my heart is clenching at her pain. My anger for her dissolves almost immediately and is replaced with sadness at seeing my mate have tears hiding her beautiful brown eyes.

I walk over to her and pick her up by her thighs as she rests her head on my shoulder and she silently lets the last of the tears fall down her face to my shoulder. I support her back and carry her into my house.

We have a pack house but that's in the forest. It has about 50 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms and so on. So it has be hidden from humans. Me, the Alpha and my family and my Beta, Nick and his family live in this house.

I jog up the stairs and open my bedroom door with my foot. I walk over to my blue silk sheeted king sized bed and gently place Indie in my bed. My scent is all over my bed and it will calm Indie. I look over and see Indie curling up slowly falling asleep. I smile at her sleeping form and softly kiss her temple then tiptoe out of the room.

Sweet dreams my love.

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