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PLEASE READ! A person who deserves special recognition is Kiki167175! Also, there will be some scenes where it will get a bit steamy but for the sake of my friend Racoon, I will try keep it pg. Gotta keep you clean sweetheart!

~Indie's POV~

I wake up and away, I feel alone. My eyes burst open and I find myself on the floor of a small 2x3 grimy cell. It has metal walls, roof and door. I stand up and suddenly everything is spinning like crazy. I hold out my arms as I try to steady myself and after 30 seconds, it's stops spinning.

I walk over to the metal door and push on it since I'm a werwolf I can do damage to metal, takes a while but still possible. The moment a place my fingers on the door, the feeling of fire eating through my flesh crawls up my hands.

I jump back and hiss in pain, I would have screamed but I don't want any attention right now, where ever I am right now. I try mind link Opal and ask her why it burns but I can't feel her. She is there, she is just unconscious. I try yelling at her but nothing happens.

The only thing that can sever the bond between human and wolf is wolfsbane. Not only does wolfsbane prevent you from connecting with your wolf but also with your pack through mind link and it takes about 10 hours longer to heal.

I look down at my hands and see red blisters forming on my hands, usually it would take a human 2 weeks to heal but with Opal, it would take about 2 days. This will take a bit longer. I walk over to the door and study it closely and that's when I notice a lighter matter inside the metal. It's silver, the only type of matter that takes longer to heal from. It not pure thank god or I would be rolling in pain. Pure silver can kill a werewolf.

I asses my situation and I come to a conclusion in no time. I'm totally fucked. I sit and think about how I can escape for another 5 minutes when I hear my cell door screech open. I large, muscle packed man enters and roughly grabs me by my arm and drags me out an into a long, dark hallway that has about 20 doors on either side.

We walk, well he walks whole I'm being dragged behind him until we reach a staircase that has a large oak door when my escort stops abruptly. He turns to face me before he looks down my body, his eyes lingering in places the shouldn't. I growl at his behaviour but he just smirks.

"Feisty, I like it. Not as much as your body. Can't wait till your mine." I look down and notice I'm no longer in my date clothes. I'm in a plain white, slightly see through dress that reaches mid thigh. What he said finally registers to me. Until I'm his?

"I have a mate you piece of filth, I would never want you and I will never be yours!" I scream and slap him across his dace as hard as I could. He doesn't flinch just grabs my wrists and pins them above my head. "I hope your this angry and passionate in bed doll, I like things rough but you will show me respect or else."

I feel bile rise in my throat. "Like i'd ever sleep with you fuck face." I spit at him. He growls and presses his body flat against mine and now my body is trapped between him and the grimy wall of the corridor. He starts grinding himself against me and I feel rage throughout me.

"One more word or move from you and I'll take you right here right now." He whispers dangerously in my ear. "You gonna cooperate now?" He asks evilly. I feel my insides churning and flipping, desperately waiting for Jordan to come out of a door and save me. But he doesn't and he wont and I realise if I'm going to get any where, I need to try to make it seem like they've got me wrapped around their finger.

I nod my head and he smiles a dark smile at me. "Good girl" he says. The he starts to lick and kiss my neck. His slimy tongue feeling like a toad against my skin. I feel his friend starting to pop up and him grinding against me and practically eating my neck. He pull back after a while and smirks at me.

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