Oh hi, gotta run

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I'm gonna shake it up and start with a pov by Jordan tell me if you like it and I may do it again!

Jordan's pov

After Indie told me that she got rejected my wolf and I felt absolute rage at someone rejecting a werewolf with such beauty and all round perfectness as Indie. I never said anything because Indie never felt it but she is my second chance mate. All werewolves have 1 mate but Alphas have 2 mates, if their Luna dies, the pack cannot function so we have another mate. My first mate Bella, she was an angel. I only met her once.

I was in my car at the traffic lights and beside me, a car pulled up and I smelled her scent. I looked through the window and I saw her. She was the most amazing creature i ever saw. She went to open her car door to come to me but.... But an out of control truck smashed into her and crushed her instantly.

I came home to kill myself when I saw Indie and Bindi watching tv. It was at that moment I found out she was my mate and it's been killing me that I haven't told her. But now she doesn't have her first mate, as soon as her wolf stops grieving, she'll notice me and realise I'm her mate.

Indie tells me that she wants to talk to Bindi privately, my wolf who by the way is called Issach instantly got mad and tried to make me stay. I gave her my best smile and walked away, I couldn't be suspicious, she couldn't know yet.

Our mate is back there you are aware of that right! Issach growls at me through our mind link.

I sigh before answering 'Yes Issach I know that but she's grieving the loss of her mate. We have to give her time.' Issach just growls then blocks me again.

I walk off and find my beta who has been my best friend since we were pups. "Hey nick," I say. He turns around and smiles at me. "Hey Jordan how odd Indie take it?" He asks me with curiosity.

I sigh and run my hand through hair in frustration then sliding it down my face. Nick is the only one who knows Indie is my mate, I tell him everything.

"I didn't tell her ok. What if she rejects me nick! She is my last mate, she's all I have left. What if I'm not good enough for her." I say whispering the last part. I am a tough guy but I don't hide my feelings about my mate. I can hear Issach softly whimpering just thinking about being rejected or not being good enough for Indie.

"Dude, she would never reject you, and your definitely good enough. Man your an alpha and she's your mate just tell her, she'll understand." Nick says reassuringly.

"YOU FOUND YOUR SECOND MATE!" I freeze, that voice is the only voice that can make me shiver in delight. I slowly turn around and see a beaming Indie staring at me. She'll make a great Luna, she just had her heart broken but she's still happy for someone else. A great trait a Luna has.

"Yeah Indz, I found my mate," I say weakly smiling. She creams in happiness and runs at me and jumps in my arms hugging me tight. Issach is purring in happiness and I'm trying to remain calm by the thousands of sparks flying as our skin touches.

Indie suddenly leaps out my arms looking like she saw a ghost. I'm frowning at the loss of her and Issach is growling at her actions. She tilts her head the side and stares at me like she trying to figure out a puzzle.

After about 10 seconds, schlock and recognition flash across her face and I hear her wolf Opal holler MATE! Well so much for trying to keep it a secret.

Then she bolts. I growl as her retreating figure runs towards the forest but I'm an Alpha and an Alpha loves a chase.

~Indie's P.O.V~

Mate!! Yells Opal and that's when I get it. I'm his second mate. If he knew all this time but didn't tell, it means he doesn't want me. I cant, I cant get rejected twice in a day. So I do what I do best. Bolt.

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