Blood and cuts

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This chapter was going to be connected the last one but then it got to long. Please don't get mad at me for not updating faster then I would like too. I'm not updating because I'm not getting votes and if I don't get more, I wont continue if no one likes it. But this chapter is dedicated to Alicekiss for being an amazing supporter so far.

Indies p.o.v

'Indie! Oh my god, I thought- I didn't- what the fuck?' He mind links me.

Opal is going mental at seeing her mate again and I'm not going to lie, Jordan seems that much more powerful in ISAAC (A/N inside joke sorry)

when I'm in human form.

I put my head down in shame. I probably gave Jordan a heart attack. I feel Jordan muzzle his head against me and signal it's time to leave. I stand up to leave but he blocks the exit.

I stand there with my hands on my hips. "Babe, you have to move for me to leave."

'Shift then my wolf wants to play with Opal again' he says chuckling.I hear Opal whimper and whisper quietly that she feels uncomfortable shifting. It seems unusual and odd but I don't question her. Opal wouldn't do something unless she has a good reason to do so.

"Opal doesn't want to shift, she's really tired." I reply. That was a lie, Opal and tired don't match but it's the first thing I thought of. I see Jordan communicating with his wolf because his eyes have glazed over. Then his tail starts wagging and he gives a toothy smile. Shit, that can't be good.

His eyes snap back to me and he turns around with his behind to me and then crouches down. I stand there and lift my eyebrow in confusion. "Nice booty Jordan, now can you move it so we can go?" I ask. His tail goes mental at my comment. He is never going to let me get over that.

'Thanks but yours is better my love' he whispers huskily through our mind link. I blush furiously and my eyes widen in shock. I can practically HEAR the smirk on his face.

I huff in annoyance when he still refuses to move so I step over him. As I'm standing above his back about to leave my now un-secret secret cave, the ball sack decides to be a booger and stands up.

I scream in grab a fistful of his fur with my hands. I go to swing off but Jordan growls and I realise I'm not getting off the fuzz ball whether I like it or not.

"Alright Mr alpha sir boss man mate, lets do this, VROOM VROOM!" I itts my hands like I'm revving a motorcycle and he leaps off the slippery rocks with ease and in a single bound lands at the bottom. Show off.

I feel the warm wind rushing through my light brown hair and his soft fur flying beneath me gives the illusion I'm on a magic carpet. Well, a magic carpet that's my mate....

I feel so safe and powerful by him but so vulnerable and insignificant at the same time. It like eating ice cream so cold that it feels like it burns but it soothes your throat at the same time.

I'm so lucky to have Jordan as my mate. I smile at that. My mate. Mine. My Jordan. And I'm his. All and entirely his. A happy sigh leaves my lips and I throw my head back and howl in happiness. This, this is what I want in life. This is how I want my life to be like.

~Jordan's P.O.V~

I arrived back at the pack house with my quirky little mate still seated on my back. I softly pad up to the door and kneel down for Indie to get off safely. When I can't feel her weight get off I look behind and see her gone! How the hell did she get off?!

To be honest it doesn't surprise me too much. Isaac is an Alpha wolf, 50 kilos is practically nothing and. Indie is only 47 kilos! What if someone stole her! I growl in anger and fear and just as I'm about to howl for her, I hear her laugh ring like a bell from the forest.

She steps out and she's stumbles a bit from laughter. She has twigs all in her glossy brown hair, mud and dirt on her clothes and- I growl In a her as I see multiple cuts and blood and her soft skin scathed from her perfect hands little and knees.

Indie stops laughing and frowns. She looks down and realises why I'm growling. She looks back up and gives me her famous 'are you actually for real right now' look. She waves her hand dismissively but I wont have my angle's body damaged.

I shift and march over to a squealing Indie covering her large, dark chocolate brown eyes that I could very well get lost in. I chuckle at her innocence.

Well would you rather her not have her innocence. Jordan, Indie has saved herself for us. That's serious. Could you imagine someone other then us taking that from her?!

Isaac grills me.

I growl lowly at the thought of anyone taking her innocence. "Mine!" I yell and grab Indie pulling her into a possessive hug. "Um... Jordan, your uh, wiggly worm is..... Yeah." Indie awkwardly says.

I let her go straight away and quickly run to the edge of the forrest where we keep clothes incase a situation occurs similar to this where someone is naked after a shift. I throw on basket ball shorts thenam run back over to Indie, who is trying to wipe of the small flow of blood from her hands and legs. Which reminds me.

"Indie, what happened?" I ask her with concern. She gives me an absolutely adorable sheepy grin and a slight giggle before she answers my question.

"Well, there was a tree branch coming up and I thought I could grab on to it and be like a ninja but when I grabbed it, it snapped and I went rolling down the hill, you know the one with all the rocks and stuff, that one. So anyway, I got up and climbed up it again, sprinted back then saw you naked. Which by the way I'm not ready for!" She yells the end while blushing again.

"Of course my princess, i can wait for you but I have to let you know something." I say with seriousness in my voice. Indie looks at me through squinted eyes trying to figure out what I'm going to say next.

"Okay, do I have a say in it?" She says slowly folding her arms infront trying to look intimating but when your that beautiful and all round perfect, it dosent really work. I sigh and run a hand through my hair. "Not really Indie no. I'm sorry but I can't really hold on any longer". I say with deep sincerity. If I could handle it I would but I'm loosing my grip.

"What it is?" Indie asks with concern in her voice and in her eyes. I let out a sigh before straightening up and telling her what I've wanted to do the moment I found out she was my mate. "I have to mark you by this Sunday or i may loose control".

~Indie's Pov~


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