On the way to the big day

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~Indie's POV~

I feel lighter even though I've out on like 100 kilos. My little prince wakes up with me and starts kicking and squirming around. I smile at the feeling. It's kind of like your stomach is a mini pool and there is a huge goldfish swimming around inside. How do I know its a boy? How could it not be.

I've out on 27 kilos because of my pup, which means is definitely a boy. I mean, I don't think any female has gotten this big with a girl before. I don't really care what gender my pup is, I just want it out. I'm seriously over feeling like a whale. I want to run and shift into Opal and do something crazy. I would never trade my pup for that kind of freedom, I just want it back.

I feel giddy inside and Opal is wagging her tail crazily, jumping around like a puppy. I laugh at everyone's behaviour this morning and settle back in to my bed to snuggle into Jordan. I wriggle back and feel him sitting up. I look over and scream my head off. It's not Jordan sitting on the bed next to me.


Hey guys I know it was short but HAHAHA nah I'm kidding I just like being a bitch to you guys. Don't hate me!

It's Bindi looking down at me with her hands in her hips. I take deep breaths trying to calm down my thumping heart best. "Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for you to wake up?" She scolds me like a mother does her child. I frown and slap her, hard. "Ouch!" She screams.

"How dare you wake me up! I need all the beauty sleep I can get, I'm getting married super soon!" I exclaim to her. "Yeah your right. In fact, it's super dooper soon, 5 hours away to be precise." She tells me. My eyes snap open and in my rush to sit up, I start to tumble out of bed. I scream and wrap my arms around my precious pup and hope the impact doesn't hurt it.

Only the impact never comes. I pry open my eyes and see an extremely scared Peter above me, his hands carefully yet firmly wrapped around my hips, not squishing my baby. He pulls me up and into a tight hug. "What the hell Indie, are trying to give me grey hairs?!" He screams at me but I can see the relief in his eyes.

I smile at him sheepishly just as Alex crashes, literally, through the door. He is lying on the door with prices of shrapnel like wood form the door lying around him. He rolls up and groans in pain. Once I'm standing with my balance regained, Peter removes his arms and leans down offering his hand to Alex.

"What happened? We down stairs and we heard you scream and he took off down the hall! I chase after him and then the door appeared out of now where!" He tells us his story and hisses in pain when he stand up. I look down at his ankle and it's severely swollen. He must have nicked the door with his foot and that's why he fell.

I grab his hand and lie him down in the bed where I can inspect his foot. Ever since I became the light wolf, I read a couple of books on werewolf injuries so I could guess how much energy I would have to channel because it does drain my energy when I use to much. This looks like he fractured his heel bone so I channel a fair amount of energy and gingerly put my hand over his inflamed foot and heel.

I feel my energy drain a bit but I hardly notice it. I remove my hand and see I didn't quite heal everything. A couple of bruises around his foot and heel but it's fine. I pat his leg and stand up again. "What happened in here?" A small voice asked from the door.

Laura stands there with Carly holding her hand holding a huge makeup box and Laura is balancing the dresses over one arm. Bindi rushes over and grabs Carly's and my dress from her since they are about to slip.

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