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Hey guys, PLEASE READ! This is not an update but I have had about
12 of my lovely readers ask me why I removed Bindi from the book so early on. My answer is that sometimes, actually all the time in life people like family, pets or in this case, friends leave your life.

Indie misses Bindi a lot and doesn't understand why she would go on the cruise since she isn't 100% keen on boats. Just because Bindi is gone, doesn't mean she is gone for good. She can always come back and Indie will greet her with open arms but Indie needs to stay where she is and try make sense of her crazy life.

Indie has been hurt by life too many times and though she'd never tell Bindi, but shes scared off chasing after her but loosing her in the end.
If this hasn't made sense to you guys, don't worry it's really only meant for 1.

I guess Indie is in a too fragile state and the thought of loosing someone else or wasting her time on a lost cause. Indie hopes Bindi understands and that she has no room left for fake friends but she still has hope for Bindi and another curly girl. No one else. Indie is sick of girls who for 2 years caused shit and has had enough. It's Bindi's call though.

-Riley 😢

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