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~Jordan's POV~

'-Pregnant!' Indie whispers, obviously stunned, I hear her smooth voice laugh and then I realise she crying tears of joy. I freeze and then it hits me hard. I'm going to be a Dad! I scream in pure joy and about seven seconds later, 10 or so guards smash through my door, ready to attack.

They all look at me confused .while searching the room for the person who caused me to scream but I'm in cloud nine and can't give a flying fuck why they are confused.

"Alpha, what's wrong?" One of the biggest of the men ask me curiously. I laugh and continue to smile like an idiot. "I'm a dad." I whisper and rub my hands over my face. I let them drop to my sides and the run up to the nearest guy and bear hug him. I feel him tense and he is probably freaking out that his alpha is acting the way I am now.

When I pull back I scream at the top of my lungs. "I'm a daddy!" Then I shift and run home towards my beautiful mate and unborn pup, smiling and howling in happiness the whole way.

My life has been incredibly rocky so far but I think this is it. I think my life is now going to be a hell of a lot better!

~2 and a half months later~

"Hear you go baby." I tell say to Indie handing her a plate of cheese and biscuits. My mate now has a swollen belly and is nearly half way though her pregnancy. "You know, I don't need to always have food being shoved down my throat Jordan." She laughs at me.

My mate is pregnant with my pup. She will eat as much as she want, stay lying down as much as possible and take it easy. Unfortunately she forgets this and tries to do the house work. I had to result to putting two personal guards by her side every hour of the day and hire a maid to clean the house so Indie wouldn't.

I may be a but over protective but I don't care. I just want to make sure my mate and pup are happy and healthy. I lift up her swollen feet and sit down, massaging them to try take away the pain I know she feels.

I lean down and lift up Indie's shirt showing a bump that is my little pup. "Hey there my little princess, daddy just wants to tell you that he can't wait to see your beautiful face and that he will have a hard time keeping the boys away if you look like your mummy." I softly whisper then kiss her stomach. My little angle kicks and squirms hearing my voice.

Werewolves can hear the parents voices and already have a bond between them before birth. I hear two hearts beating softly and I smile. My two most amazing girls. She is definitely going to be a daddy's girl, I just feel it.

Indie snorts and places her velvet soft hands on her stomach. "Daddy dosent know what he is saying. Daddy will be the one teaching you how to be a good mate to your very own mate when you grow up some day my little man. Cause your going to be the best looking alpha there ever was, well you tie with daddy." She talks to the bump. It starts to wriggle again and we both smile.

We have decided to keep the gender of our pup a secret. I have chosen 5 girl names and Indie has chosen 5 boy names since she thinks we are having a boy but I know we are so going to have a little girl. We want our pup to have a name that has a meaning. And we have decided on two middle names.

It's kind of hard actually to run a pack, plan a wedding and organise girl and boy baby rooms. We figured that some where along the line we are going to end up with a girl and boy so we are just getting prepared.

Indie was really stubborn in terms of the wedding but we compromised. The actual wedding would be held in the same place her parents got married, in the pack garden which is actually really formal and a good place for a wedding and we are going to have the wedding party at the beach, where my parents Simon and Rain got married.

My mother and father were ecstatic when they found out they were having a grandchild. Actually the whole pack is overjoyed at Indie being pregnant. It took a very long time to agree but it will be me changing my name to Jordan Ethan Jackman since Indie's last name is the only thing left she has of her family. Our children too will have Jackman as their last name.

The two nurseries are the same except for the fact one has all furniture pink and purple and the other has blue and green for the colour scheme. All the walls are are painted baby pink in the girls room and has a magenta crib in the corner next to a changing table that has a light purple and white stripped wooden frame.

The is a small baby chandelier hanging from the middle of the room with plastic wolves and diffrent posses. When you turn the lights off and flick it on, half glow pink and other purple, casting shadows of howling and pouncing wolves around the walls. On the back wall is a large white framed window that has a view of the forest.

Underneath the window sill is a long chest of draws army styled pink and purple in colour. It has two draws fill of every piece of clothing from shirts to onesies to accessories. My little princess will have the moon if she wanted it but I will not raise a bratty spoilt child.

In the boy room is the exact same expect all pinks are blues and purples are greens. Both are filled with rattles and diapers from the baby shower we held 3 days ago. No one beside the pack doctor knows of its a girl or boy and I have used my alpha command on him meaning no matter what, he cannot tell anyone. He literally wont be able too.

I look down at Indie and she has finished all of her cheese and biscuits and is now on her side holding her belly gently, with a pillow between her thighs that keeps her comfortable. She has a small grin on her soft pink lips and her breathing is steady and even. She must be really tired.

She has spent the whole day doing her adorable little pregnant waddle going in to shops to look at dresses. We think we'll get married a month before Indie's due date, that's two months away. We figured it would be nice to see our little pup inside Indie on our wedding day when we look through photos and we are both really impatient people.

But, this makes it increasingly harder to find a wedding dress for Indie since it will have to support a 4 month pregnant woman to fit a 2 month pregnant werewolf. I never knew how hard it would be to plan a wedding but Jesus Christ, it's fucking hard man.

~Indie's POV, earlier on~

I'm searching through stores trying to find the perfect dress. I don't know what type of style I want. I know I what I don't want though. I don't want some thing that's uncomfortable, mermaid style and I don't want to be a walking disco ball from beads and jewels. I guess I like a bit of lace and I few little bling things here and there but I want it fairly simple.

I do however know that I'm getting Laura and Bindi to be my bridesmaids, Bindi being the maid of honour and I want Carly as my flower girl. Nick and Jordan's cousin Hayden are going to be his best men.

Since my own father is dead, I've asked Simon, Jordan's father and my surrogate father to walk me down the isle. Pretty weird hey, letting your walking your sons bride down the isle but Simon being the big hearted teddy bear I know him to be said it would be an honour. There isn't to much more to do and thank god cause time is running out and my feet are swollen pretty bad from all the walking.

I just can't wait till I say say I do and to finally see my baby!

Well there you go! SUPER LONG CHAPTER SLL FOR YOU! I know you guys want to get the part where the pup is born but I am waiting to give you guys time to think of baby names. I think I have a vague idea of the names but I still want another 2 chapters before the birth.

What is the gender of Indie's new child

And has there lives turned peaceful from wild

What would you cal the pup of it was up to you

While your think bout that, remember too...




Peace on and peace out✌️

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