Finding the right one

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Not many more chapters before the baby is born!! But remember I need names! Girls and boys names since we don't know the gender!

I stand up and walk towards the back of the store. It feels like I have tunnel vision and all I can think about is how gorgeous that dress is. It is a simple white dress with no bling in it at all but that just adds to the beauty of it. It reaches all the way down to my feet and I can just imagine it swaying softly with each step I take down the isle.

I reach out and feel the soft dress. It is made out of silk which I love. Just underneath my bust is a beige coloured satin ribbon that pushes my weapons up. It rests nicely just above my breasts and I am totally in love with it. I turn around and see Peter and Alex slipping on the shirts as they walk over to me, now clothed as males.

They look at the dress then at me. "Do you like this one?" Peter asks me. I look at him and nod my head. "This is the one." I tell them. I look over at the pile of dresses they have yet to try on and one catches my attention. I jog as fast as I can and try bend down to pick it up but my big, no huge belly restrains me.

I look behind me and feel tears brimming my eyes, knowing that the boys will laugh at me but they're not. Alex walks over and leans down to pick it up for me. He stands back up and hands me the beautiful dress. I smile at him and look at it.

It is dark royal blue cotton dress that has one short sleeve over one shoulder. It has a thick waist belt from the same material that pulls tight around the waist and slightly puffs out at the bottom. It finishes just above the knee cap and I know Laura and Bindi would love this.

"This is the bridesmaid dresses guys!" I yell at them clapping my hands in excitement. I try on all the dresses since Bindi, Laura and I are pretty much the same size and they all fit nicely. We gather up the dresses and walk towards the counter to pay for them when I see Alex spot something. He quickly throws my dress into Peters arm who is now carrying all three dresses and runs off behind a rack.

I stop and wait for him to return and when he does he comes back with and adorable little dress that would be perfect for Carly. It's a shoulder strap white laced dress that drops to the knees and has the same colour blue belt with a ribbon at the front as the other two dresses. I gasp and cover my mouth with my hands. It's beautiful.

Alex holds it up and looks at it before looking at me again. "What do you think Indie? Would this be good for Carly?" He asks nervously. I grin widely. "Yes, it's just what I've been looking for!" I exclaim happily. He smiles at me being happy and walks over to us. Now with all the dresses we need, we walk up to the bar and pay for all of them.

I'm so happy right now it must be illegal.

~Jordan's POV~

While my bride to be is searching for the her wedding dress and other things, I'm in a jewellery store with Nick, Hayden and my mum Rain. We are trying to find a wedding ring for Indie and I which is surprisingly hard.

"Jordy! What about this one?" My mum asks me. I walk over to where she is pointing to a ring in a glass case. I look down and i am almost sure Indie will love it. It has a medium sized emerald stone encrusted into the middle of the ring. Small diamonds are laced around the outside of the emerald and it look really nice. A thin gold ring connects it all together and it something Indie would like. It's designed for a small petite hand, similar to Indies so I'm sure it was meant to be.

"I'll take it!" I yell out to one of the staff workers and they place it carefully into a small box with there logo printed on top. With the major ring out of the way I go over to them men's section and instantly find a nice simple gold ring and decide I am too tired to really care anymore and but that as well.

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