The test

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~ Indies's POV~

'Hey Opal?'

yes Indie.

'because I'm light wolf now, is my pregnancy shorter?' I ask her curiously.

No it's the same as an ordinary alpha mate, 5 months and that's it. She tells me excitedly. I laugh at her enthusiasm for the length of our short pregnancy. I know humans pregnancy lasts for I think 8 or 9 months which must really suck for them.

I spent the whole of yesterday with Jordan showing each other how much we love each other, wink wink nudge nudge. But now, I'm so tired. I'm lying down on the couch reading a book about this guy who who is in love with this girl but she is in love with his best friend and his best friend is in love with her best friend but she is in love with his best friend. Basically. It's like this.

Two best friends like two best friends but everyone likes the wrong person, no wait that's not right. Two boys like two girls who like those boys but those boys like one of the girls but the girls like the boy who doesn't like them but like the other girl. Hang on.. Oh fuck it, it's pretty much a love triangle but a square. Or is it a rectangle?

Anyway, I'm reading this book waiting for the results of my pregnancy test. Since werewolves pregnancy is shorter, we know faster since the baby grows faster. I only have another five or so minutes left to wait and I'm so anxious.

Have ever been waiting for a pregnancy test to come back and you've got terrible butterflies that feel like you have to shit or that you got a stomach bug but then freak out cause you think it's the baby kicking? Yeah, that's me right now.

"Hey!" Bindi yells from the front door putting her car keys on the bench. Carly comes running in and goes to jump on me but pulls her back. I instinctively lift up my legs and hold my hands above my stomach. I don't know if I do have a pup inside me but I definitely wont if Carly jumps on me.

Carly looks at me confused but Bindi is just staring at me wide eyed. "Did she land on you?" She screams frantically. "No, you got her just in time, thanks for that." I tell her relieved. I asked Bindi if she could take Carly out yesterday and the night before. Only Bindi, Nick and Laura are aware that we tried for a pup yesterday.

"What did I do wrong? Are you ok Indie?" Carly asks us looking back and fourth, very confused at the situation. "I just ate sweetie and I don't want to jump on me incase I vomit cause my stomach is really full." I tell her.

"Oh my god! Congratulations, hole in one, nice work! Girl or boy?" Bindi squeals in delight I freeze and stare at her.

'Oh my fucking god Bindi, I don't know if I'm pregnant you idiot!' I scream at her through the alpha blood link.

'B-but, but you said you stomach was full, isn't that implying its full of a baby?' She asked me confused.

'I meant full with food cause I just 'ate' before Bindi! Honestly.' I groan at her obliviousness.

'Oh. Right of course. Whoopsie.' She tells me sheepishly.

'Damn right whoopsie, you nearly blew it!' I yell at her my anger now subsiding.

'Im so sorry Indie, I-I really didn't think about it.' She tells me softly and I can near her tears.m She hates getting yelled at when she does something to upset family or friends.

I sigh and realise I over reacted. 'Its fine, I'm sorry too.' I tell her and cut the link. I put down the shitty book and sit up straight in the couch. "What do we want to watch on the tv?" I ask casually, trying to make a new conversation. "Spongebob!" Carly yells louder then necessary then blushes at just how loud that was. I laugh and turn on Spongebob for her and stand up to go to the kitchen for a snack and to talk to Bindi.

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