Are you for fucking real

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As I look up at my sexy mate, i can feel and hear Opal rejoicing in my head. This is the man I will marry and carry pups with, this is the man who will love me unconditionally. The man who will c-

"MINE" snaps me out of my future plans. My mate rather harshly grabs my arm causing an unbelievably delightful explosion of tingles to shoot up my arm as he roughly yanks me away, causing me to stumble and nearly loose my balance and face plant for the fifth time this week. Hey, my face is a floor magnet.

He drags me away from the school crowd towards the dark yet inexplicably calming forest. Mr cinnamon comes to a halt and I smash into his back. Never mind face planting the floor, I just face planted his back and ouch, my nose hurts.

What if I broke it?! What if I need nose surgery but then I turn out like a freaking sword fish! I don't want to look like a marlin on legs, my legs are to hot and sexy to carry sea food! What if my mate doesn't like me because of my fucked up nose and rejects me! Or what if my nose goes in like fucking voldemorts! What if I loose my sense of smell! FUCK MY LIFE!!

"Look, I don't know who you are but your probably a slut looking at your out fit", my mate says.

Hang on.

The fuck did he just say! Oh shit just hit the fan!

"What's your name" he shouts at me. "Listen, I don't give a rats ass who you are or what your title is but no fucker talks to Indie like that! I am your mate, so show me some respect you fuck nugget!" I spit at him with more venom then a cobra.

His faces flashes red with rage and for a split second i regret what i said. But then I realise, I cant care less what he thinks. "I Alpha Sam of the Moonstone pack reject you Indie of the Western pack as my mate!"

And in that moment, I feel my heart break. I feel alone and cold. So cold. Opal is howling in pain and loneliness. I feel like the force of gravity is over powering me and my legs give way.

I fall to the still wet grass and watch as the morning dew slowly drips to the soil. Just when I thought my life couldn't get worse, little rain drops make a wet splotch on my shorts as it starts to rain. I look up and find not a cloud in the sky and realise that I'm crying.

I hunch over and wrap my arms around myself trying to keep whats left of my body warmth. The loud hard sobs rack my body as I let the tears fall freely, no doubt ruining my massacre. I look up to the spot where my ex mate stood to find it empty. That bastard just got up and walked away after rejecting his other half.

I go to stand up but all my tears have robbed all my energy. I just lay down on the grass and rock back and fourth, trying to find a way to cope with the swollen cracks in my chest.

My vision is blurred by the tears but I can still see Bindi run towards me with Jordan.

"Indie!" Yells Jordan, sprinting past Bindi and towards me. In a quick fluent motion he scoops me up and pulls me onto my lap muttering soothing sounds.

I let sleep take me away, any where but here would be better.....

5 hours

"-down the halls like a spastic. I followed her scent outside, saw her and then mind linked you! She seemed fine this morning, I don't get it." I hear my best friend Bindi's voice pull me back to consciousness.

Then I hear Jordan's voice say "Did you see her with someone? I thought I could smell a male near where she was on the ground but it could've been from the warriors run yesterday."

"No, I just saw her there." Replies Bindi.

I completely open my eyes and weakly smile "hey" I say, my voice sounding rough and coarse. Jordan and Bindi spin around and smile back at me. "Hey Indie, what, what happened?" Jordan asks me softly.

My smile instantly fades away and I feel my nose stinging slightly and my throat constricting the way it does before I cry.

Please don't cry Indie he isn't worth our tears Opal whispers trying to be strong but I can mentally feel her pain.

'Im so sorry Opal, you deserve a strong, loving and caring mate that a stronger werewolf could give you. I'm sorry I can't give you what you deserve.'

You know what Indie, you're right

I feel my heart crack a little more if that's even possible at that sentence.

I do deserve a strong and kind and caring mate and so do you but I don't want that if I cant have you. You and I, we deserve better then our intended mate. We'll find someone better, I know we will.

'Thanks Opal, your the best wolf in the world' I say to her quietly.

I look back up to see Jordan waiting for my answer. With a sigh I look up at him and tell him everything from when Bindi told me about him to when I woke up to their conversation.

When I mentioned the part when I got rejected, I saw a flood of emotions shine through his eyes. There was anger, pity, confusion and then there were two emotions swirling around as well that I couldn't make sense of. I saw hope and happiness.

But why would he be happy that I got rejected?...

Hey! So I'm sorry I haven't updated sooner, I wanted to but I've been super busy. Heads up, don't expect more then 1 update next week. I have yearly exams. I'm thinking of putting in a different pov in the next chapter but I want to know what you guys think. Also, I'm not updating until I get 5 votes and 5 comments! Remember




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