This is war

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~Jordan's POV~

Four days. It's been four fucking days since I failed. Indie as a mate. I don't understand. She went to the bathroom and never came back. I haven't slept. I don't eat. I refuse to speak about anything but finding my angel. Isaac howls to Opal at night, hoping to hear her voice.

A sign, a word, anything! I just need to know she is safe so I can kill the person who stole my mate. I sigh running a hand through my hair dirty brown hair. Call me a grot but I haven't showered since I discovered her gone. I figure if I wash, then I'll loose the faint sent of her on my clothes and it's the only thing keeping me some what sane.

I've contacted the three closest packs to help me search for her. They aren't the major ones but who cares. One more wolf is one step closer to finding Indie. We have about 120 extra wolves combined from the packs and we have searched all of Australia.

The other packs have been on the look out and my pack and the neighbouring three have traveled everywhere. I feel my heart slowly clenching and fear runs through my veins like the caffeine I injected to keep me awake.

It wasn't a human who took her; she would've easily escaped. It wasn't a single werewolf; her Luna side is stronger and could've over powered them so I come to the conclusion that it was a group of werewolves. But what me confused to no end is how I didn't smell them.

I have also figured that it was a planned kidnap. They would've had weapons with them that no normal werewolf would carry every day. Well, maybe except Bindi.

One time when we were all little, around 7, we were playing hide and go seek. I could easily hear Bindi and she wasn't paying attention so I snuck up behind her and screamed FOUND YOU!

10 minutes later I was in an ambulance to the pack doctor because Bindi, my 7 year old little sister had an axe in her hands because she thought she saw rouges nearby. Turns out the rouge was a wombat and turns out neither was I! Wish she had known that before she wedged an axe in my shoulder.

Thanks to my werewolf healing I recovers in 2 weeks and since then, I've been attacked by Bindi with a gutting knife, taser, fire extinguisher, jack hammer, razor blade and my personal favourite, a blow torch.

I small smile creeps onto my face as I remember the good memories then I remind myself my mate is missing. I feel my nose burn and my throat start to close the way it does before i cry.

Seldom do I cry but when I do, I have a good reason to. Anger and fear take over and I pick up the closest thing to me which happens to be a couch and throw it across the room. I punch the walls leaving fist sized craters and I pick up every bit of furniture I see and smash it into hundreds of tiny shards of house hold shrapnel.

I pick up a photo frame and am about to snap it in half when I look down and see a picture of Indie and I last year. It was school holidays and Nick, Bindi, Indie and myself had gone on a trip to the Gold Coast. We went to all the theme parks and we arrived at a park in the middle of about 30 story high buildings.

There was a ride called the slingshot where there are two seats attached to bungee cords. Nick and Bindi were to scared to go on so Indie and I did. We got in and the pulled us down then we were let to and we were about 200 meters in the air.

Time froze as we reached the top and Indie pulled out her phone and yelled 'Selfie!' I laughed and turns out, the picture she took was amazing. I framed it and now, a year later here I stand with it in my hands and I was about to brake it.

I dropped it and slid down the wall and pulled my knees to my chest and rested my head on my trembling hands. "Please let her be safe" I whisper to no one in particular. I guess if I say it, someone may here and help me.

I lean my head against the cracked and crumbly wall. I hear Isaac stir in the back of mind. I feel him pacing back and fourth. Seems like he is expecting something. What would he be expecting?

'Jordan please help me!' I swear to God, I have never been more happy to hear that voice. I jumped up at the sudden scream from Indie but it was a sound that had me floating in pure ecstasy. I snap out of it and answer.

'Indie, is that you? Baby where are you!' For the next 8 minutes Indie tells me everything from the moment Sam injected her in the bathroom from the moment he told her his evil sickening plan to mate and mark what is mine.

I'm on the verge of shifting and though my eyes are a charcoal black colour, all I can see is red. The red blood that will flow like Niagara from his filthy disgraceful body once I'm done with him for taking my mate. Isaac and I are growling like crazy. I don't think I've ever been more mad than I am right now.

Indie tells me that Sam is returning and that she wont be able to speak again. I tell her i love her then I shut the connection. I put on a public mind link and tell the my pack and the three guest packs to meet me in our announcement hall which is behind my house.

In less then 15 minutes, all members minus the ones in different states are inside the hall. I walk onto the stage and everyone gives me their total undivided attention.

"As you all know, my mate and Luna to this pack was kidnapped four day ago." My pack growls menacingly. They may not know who their. Luna is but their wolves have a special connection for their Alpha and. Luna and would die for them if need be.

"We now know that the people, more specifically person who is accountable for this is Alpha Sam of the moonstone pack in America." There are gasps and yells throughout the hall at the news. I let them go on for another 15 seconds before I continue. The quicker they know, the quicker we leave and the quicker my beautiful Indie is back in my arms where she belongs.

"He plans to mark and mate your Luna because she is the wolf from the death wolf prophecy. I don't need to explain to you the details of that since you all know it from our ancestors correct?" I ask them. The respond with a nod. The ancient wolves past down this prophecy and it was a common bed time story for pups.

"With that being said, the prophecy says one of her mates will choose her destiny so yes, Alpha Sam was her mate but not anymore since he rejected her at first sight. It is our duty to protect and retrieve our Luna or the end of our freedom and even more our race, may just be beginning.

Pups under 18 will stay with our guest packs. If you are able to fight, we leave in 20 minutes. Say goodbye to your pups and bring weapons, we wont be there long. You are dismissed." My pack member all bow their head in respect as I leave the hall. My heart swells with pride at how much my pack already loves their Luna.

I run back into my house and pack a back pack with three silver bullet guns, a silver knife, a vile of wolfsbane and eradone, an antidote for wolfsbane just incase I get injected with it. I mind link Nick my beta and tell him I'm ready to leave.

I jog outside and I see my whole pack in their cars behind a nick on his red Yamaha motorbike with my dark royal blue Harley Davidson next to his. "Ready Alpha?" Nick asks in full beta mode seeing as it is a serious situation.

"Born ready." And with that, we sped towards a werwolf airport that would take us to America to retrieve our stolen Luna. Whether they like it or not, this is war. An alpha war.


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