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I feel really bad, I've forgotten about Jordan so here you go!

~Jordan's POV~

I snapped what I believe to be the seventh neck of a moonstone member. I should be furiously they are attacking and believe me, I am. I'm fuming that Indie got bitten but I'm stumped at how much pain was held in her voice but how nothing was on her shoulder.

But while I'm raging, I feel like dancing and singing at the top of my lungs at how happy Isaac and I feel. We are no longer just us. We are best friends, lovers, mates and fiancéd to not only the most perfect she wolf alive, but most perfect she wolf who has lived and will ever live. The moment I marked her and when she marked me had to be the most amazing day of my life! So far anyway, the best day will be when I hold my first pup that Indie and I created out of love.

I'm to stuck in day dreaming that I don't really notice Indie talking to the enemies. There is about 20 of them and my stomach plummets and fear rises. She totally out numbered and I start racing towards her when I realise they are calmly talking. I see her nod Opals head and I realise, I've never seen a more beautiful wolf then Opal.

Rack off Jordan, you've got the most beautiful woman to walk the earth but I've got the most beautiful she wolf to walk the earth. And yes, Opal defiantly is the most amazing creature. Isaac playfully threatens me but I can clearly hear the pride and awe in his voice when he talks about Opal and rightly so.

I feel my pack link have pressure on it, usually the sign someone is trying to talk to me but it's much harder. I open my link and I feel 20 wolves, join the link. I freeze, how the hell did they get in, only an Alpha can accept new wolves!

'State your names and how you were able to hack my link or face serious consequences.' I viscously growl out. I hear all of them whimper in fear and that shocks me. They haven't hacked in, they've been accepted or else they wouldn't show me respect. So they somehow managed to trick the alpha and pack bond! This is a serious crime, punishable by death.

'We are Jay, Ryan, David, Bronte, Charlotte, Julie, Justin, Shawn, Nathan, Joash, Naomi, Sophie, Chelsea, James, Nicholas, Abby, Rain, Laura, Mackeily and Rhys. Our new Luna, the dusty red wolf let us join this pack. We are refugees from other packs Sam has invaded.' A mottled brown and grey wolf timidly replied.

I internally hit myself. Now Indie has my mark, she can do more things that I can. I nod at them and apologise and they all tell me not to, that it was their fault for not alerting me. They sound very odd with their thick accent but i probably sound unusual to them as well. I continue to rush through the swarm of claws and canines and howls of pain, biting necks of moonstone wolves as I go.

I see Bindi and Indie fighting along side together, attacking five wolves. Bindi's creamy white white and brown splotched wolf, Pepper is lunging for the wolves and when they turn to bite her, Indie jumps in and bites their necks since they're to preoccupied with Bindi. I can't watch them for long even though I could watch them all day because I need to get in the fight.

I let Isaac take more control since the more control he has, the more wolf is there meaning more power. Our dark brown fur is mattered in blood, the blood of enemies who dare to harm my pack members. As I'm about to snap my fourteenth neck I get tackled to the ground by a large sandy blonde wolf. I can tell he is Sam from his powerful aura.

He growls at me but I growl louder at him. We circle each other, looking for a weakness. He believes he sees one on my front leg, that's where all the blood is. I decide to use this to my advantage and slightly limp on that leg. Not making it obvious, it would be suspicious me openly showing him an injury. I look at him and notice he is trying desperately to not wince at the gash of torn flesh just behind his throat.

I don't look to long, acting like I don't notice it. By me seeming like he has the upper hand makes him cocky, like all other computers I've faced who believe they can honestly beat me. I don't usually do it, I normally do it cause its funny as hell to watch them think they have the upper hand.

He lifts his head high then jerks it back down a bit from the wound. I pretend not to notice it and then he strikes. I over estimated him, he is slow for an alpha. Must be an only child and gets his minions to do his work. I dodge his attack with ease and whip around so fast he had no time to react. I opened my jaws wide and sunk my teeth into his jugular. He tried to howl for help but I clamped down harder.

He would face his destiny like a man, for once. He was scratching my face with his paws trying to release my death grip on his throat but I couldn't feel anything which was strange because his claws were large. His struggles got less and less and finally, he was limp in my jaws. I spat him out, hating the taste of his blood. I howled in victory and all fighting ceased. The moon stone members looked upon their dead alpha and snarled at me. I stood there, not bothering to react to them.

They all one by one backed away and took off back to their pack ground where they would select a new alpha since I saw the beta mauled to death by five if the new joiners to my pack. I guess they needed to relieve some stress. I looked around and saw about 60 dead moonstone bodies on the ground and no dead western members. I looked at the pack doctor and my heart fell.

No dead members yet. There was about 15 wolves who must have must have lost around half of their blood. The life was slowly draining from their eyes and it killed me to see them like this. I blur of brownish red fur whizzed passed us towards the injured. She looked at a small, creamy wolf, who's back leg was ripped of and had her left ear half bitten off.

She stared at it and then her big brown eyes started to shine, literally. Light was glowing from her eyes and I watched as the little, nearly dead she wolf's leg, started to grow back. Slowly, but none the less grow. After about 20 seconds, the now fine wolf got up and bowed to Indie and trotted away to a larger black and grey wolf.

We were all in a trance as we watched her heal every single injury on every single wolf. She turned to us all and spoke through our pack link. 'I am Indie, your now new Luna of the western pack. You probably know me from the prophecy.' They all nodded together and continued to stare upon their Luna in total awe.

'Well, in the prophecy, they forgot to mention what your Alpha's mark would do. I have been informed by my wolf Opal that I was a balance wolf. I was dark and death or I was light and life but now, my future has been chosen by my mate Jordan, your Alpha. So now, the dark and death of my balance has been removed and is now light and life.' She explained.

So that's why she healed from her bite and why I couldn't feel pain from Sam's claws, she was healing me. As her speech finished, our pack bowed to her in respect and I could see the love gleaming brightly in her eyes.

The end

No I'm kidding! Well, it was the end of yet another chapter but you can't get rid of me quite yet! So Sam is dead, Indie is still fucking awesome..... What next! Honestly, I don't know. Just so you guys know this, I haven't planned this story out. Originally, I had planned it VERY different but then I'm like, fuck it. Remember to




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