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~Indie's POV~

I'm in my room packing my final belongings into my last box. As soon as the fight was over, we collected Carly and Carol and left America to come home and god I missed Australia! I don't really remember much cause I fell asleep on the way to the airport.

Once we arrived home, I came straight to my house and with the help of Bindi, Jordan, Beta Nick and his new mate Laura, one of the new members, we managed to get my small one bedroom house packed up in about 3 hours.

"Alright, that's the last box!" I shout happily to the others. "Thank god, I'm starving so lets go eat something!" Bindi yelled. We all shouted I'm agreement expect for Laura who just shyly smiled nodded. Jordan, Bindi and I took my Jeep while Nick and Laura took Nicks bright green Aston Martin which I adore.

Jordan insisted that he drive because it was 'humiliating' being driven by his fiancé. I was about to argue when he kissed me so I let him drive unwillingly. I sat in the front and Bindi in the back. She was kicking our seats and screaming her head off claiming she was giving us practice for when we had our own children in the back seat.

Usually I would have blushed but the idea just got me thinking. The idea of having Jordan and my own pups just seemed right. Natural. The thought came easily and intrigued me to be honest. Who would they look like? Who would they act like? So many questions swirled in my head.

We reached a subway place and decided to get lunch there. But even as I was eating, I still couldn't stop thinking about it. I couldn't blame it on heat because Alpha's and Beta's don't go through heat. They naturally are drawn together and literally die if they are without their mate for to long so their is no need for heat.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully actually, so we all went to bed early. The next morning I woke up at around 11 am, i slept in really late! I got up and saw Jordan cleaning his teeth in the bathroom. "Good morning Luna!" He sung. I beamed at him. "Good morning Alpha." I replied giving him a salute.

He came out of his, I mean our bathroom and kissed me on the cheek. "I have alpha duties today so you can do whatever you want." Jordan told me with a sigh. He clearly didn't want to leave me and neither did I. I pouted but nodded anyway. That's the responsibilities of leading a pack I guess.

"What kind of alpha duties?" I ask him curiously. He looks at me and the love in his eyes makes my heart thump inside my chest rapidly. "It's a secret my love. A surprise if you will." He replied smirking. I hate surprises. Can't stand them, just not knowing makes me nervous and frustrated.

"Alright then, fine. Well I'm going to hang out with Bindi today then." I tell him. "Ok Indie, I'll be back for the new members welcoming ceremony this afternoon at 3." Jordan informed me then left to go do whatever he needed to do.

~A few hours later~

Bindi and I had just put on our clothes for the ceremony and we headed back over to the pack house were all the members were waiting. One by one, they came on stage and said the traditional vow of loyalty when you enter a pack. It more or less goes like this.

I blah blah promise to be good, blah blah blah loyalty stuff

And then you are accepted! Also, Laura was recognised as Beta female. We all applauded really loudly and Nick stood up and led her offstage to sit with him. Jordan stepped up to the microphone again to do one more thing.

"It gives me great pleasure to welcome each and everyone of you to our pack but I still have two more announcements to make. The first is a very special new member like Laura." Everyone went silent at his words but I knew what was about to happen.

That was my queue so I stood up from chair in the crowd and I walked on stage lifting my long, sleeveless light purple dress that went to my feet to climb up the stairs without tripping. I would have prefers shorts and a shirt but this is a formal event. I walked to the front of the stage and stood by Jordan. "Not only have I fully gained my mate, but another little sister." Jordan announced happily. I turned to my left and smiled at Carly who waiting by the side with Bindi.

She looked adorable. Bindi and I went shopping with her earlier on and we bought her a bright yellow short sleeved dress with a thick black belt in the middle. It reached just above her knees and she had simple black leather flats on. We curled her hair once done we picked a nickname for her too. Bumble bee because of the yellow and black.

She walked on stage tightly gripping Bindi's hand and playing with the material of her yellow dress. Bindi wore a mottled light and dark blue, flowy, shoulder strap dress that ended at her feet like mine. They reached the middle of the stage and Jordan. I leaned over and spoke clearly and firmly into the microphone, making sure everyone heard me.

"When I was kidnapped by Sam," they all growled dangerously. "I met a very special person there who lost her family just like me." I whisper looking down at her. "But, now we are our own family. Everyone is to show her the respect she deserves since she is now your Luna and Alpha's little sister. She is part of our family now so treat her like it." I finish.

I look down at Carly who is very anxious and nervous. I hold her hand and lead her infront of me and hand her the microphone off the stand. The pack get the first look at Carly and the crowd is filled with awww. She does look very adorable. She blushes at the sudden spotlight but takes a deep breath and repeats the short speech Bindi and I drilled into her.

"Hello everyone, my name is Carly and I'm ten years old. Thank you very much for letting me join such a great pack and I hope I can fit right in with my new family." By the end she was smiling very brightly as the fact that now she has a pack and family to call her own once again hit her. We are her family now.

Jordan pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms possessively around my waist. It felt like a real family. But then the thought that had been nibbling on my mind all of yesterday returned only this time, I knew for sure. I was ready to start a family of my very own with Jordan.

OH MY GOD PEOPLE!!!! Indie is ready to have a baby! For those of you who don't know she is turning 20 in a few months and Jordan is turning 21 in a few months. Why are they still in school? Why not, once a werewolf turns 25, they age a lot slower. Every 5 years is 1 year for them, so they can live for a very long time. Any way!! I want you guys to think of girls names and boys names and let me know what names you like. They can't have already been used in the story though! Remember that and while your at it, remember to..




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