The ceremony

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~Indie's POV~

I woke up feeling very strange. I looked down and remembered why I was asleep. After I was told this was Sam's pack, I went ballistic! I started to rip the dress into pieces with my hands, punch Piper, Faya and Dia and kicked all the guards in the groin. They had to sedate me. I smirked at the good memory. It had to be done.

I looked in the mirror and i gasped. I look stunning but it didn't look like me at all. I looked dark and mysterious and I hated it.

My new dress was charcoal black with a red lace corset, the sleeves drooped down to my waist and the silky dress came to the floor. On my aching feet was a pair of ruby red high 2 inch heels and I had my hair curled in soft ringlets, framing my face.

I had black eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. They had put a rosy red blush on me did my eyeliner into a butterfly wing flick. I looked gorgeous but I had looked scary and evil. It wasn't me at all.

I looked around the room and saw it was unoccupied. I smirked to myself as I lifted my hands to ruin everything again when I felt a tug at my wrists. I looked down and saw they had handcuffed me to the chair and hand cuffed the chair to the large heavy desk. I could drag myself out of here but it would take ages and it would noisy as hell. So I sat and did the only thing I could think of.

I clears my throat and held and A note. It seemed liked a good note so I took a deep breath in a then sung at the top of my lungs "RAAAAAAAAAAAPE!" I held it for about 10 seconds before I stopped. I heard 7 feet run down a hall and in came the four guards and three women from before.

"It's a congregation in here!" I screamed happily. The guards growled at my childish behaviour but I just smiled sweetly. If I could leave, I would their lives hell. "Come Luna the ceremony is about to start." Dia said pulling a key out of her pocket. She walked over and unchained my wrists. I flexed them before inspecting my nails.

Dia was standing up when I punched her hard and fast in the jaw smelling her about a foot back. She stumbled and fell and clutched her red shin and cheek in agony. "Woops?" I said smiling sheepishly to the angry guards.

Bruce and one other guard grabbed my arms and starting dragging me forwards. I kept stumbling and tripping over my dress because it was so long and I was trying to hold it but my arms were stuck in the guards tight grip.

I gave up and let the two strong men drag me along and my feet were scrapping against the ground behind me. I hung my head down and sighed when I heard the three women screech.

"Are you crazy, her dress is getting ruined!" "Her shoes!" "Keep her head up, her hair is falling!" And so many other bullshit comments. "Walk you skank!" Bruce yelled at me. "Brucey, that's now way to talk to your Luna now is it?" I cooed at him like I was talking to a young child.

He growled loudly and raised his hand to hit me. I stared him straight in the eye with all the hate in me and he stopped. He dropped his hand then ran it through his hair, obviously mad that he can't hit me since it will ruin my image.

"I will speak to you however way I want too and you will do what ever I tell you to! If I tell you to pull a tooth out you will pull all of them out. If I tell you to smile you will do so until it hurts and if I tell you to walk you will walk until you't feet bleed or I say stop! Do you understand?!" He said threateningly.

I put on a bored expression before answering him. See, that where you are wrong, you will shoe me respect like I have told you before and I will not comply to any of you telling me what to do. I am not a puppy that will jump through hoops to please you. My pack will come for me and when they do, I will personally paint the rooms with the blood you shed as you die and keep in mind how many rooms there are."

One of the guards who wasn't constricting my arms decided to put his un asked opinion in. "Why don't you just pick her up?" The other guard holding my arm shrugged his shoulders before bending down and grabbing me under my arms with one hand and my thighs with the other and started walking while carrying me bridal style.

I started to kick and scream but he managed to hold me with one hand while he used his other huge hand to clamp my mouth and nose. I kept screaming until I tried to breath. I tried to pry his hand off my face but his grip was iron.

I felt my consciousness slipping away from me and familiar black dots danced around me eyes. I stopped screaming and struggling as I felt my body shutting down due to the lack of oxygen. I was just about to pass out when he removed his hand and I began gasping for air.

My chest was on fire as I was more or less choking on air trying to get it to my lungs so I could once aha in function. After 30 seconds, my breathing returned to its regular pace and my heart beat drummed its rhythm again.

We- the others continued to walk until we reached a large court yard where I saw the pack sitting on chairs waiting for something. They were facing a small, badly out together stage and a microphone stand was in the centre of it.

My little gang ushered me through a corridor where I noticed I was on the sides of the stage. Well this is fucking odd, I thought. What the hell is going on!

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