Pay backs a bitch, like you.

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This chapter is dedicated to my best friend Miss Bronte Ackley. She knows why, of your reading this, I love you my sexy bitch!

~Indie's pov~

Its Friday and today is a depressing day. Today's lessons I have double maths, geography, double art and finally my favourite, P.D.H.P.E and the topic we are focusing on is the reproductive system.

Nothing like a classroom full of testosterone filled boys learning about how to insert 'things' into other 'things'. Thank god Jordan isn't in this class,don't want him to get any ideas, that and he might jump me in class.

I crinkle my nose up in disgust as the latest video of natural child birth shows how the baby get squirted out of her mum. Kind of reminds me of popping a pimple and watching pus come out.

Not that I ever do that cause... That, that would be weird. Oh, yuck! Eww, here comes the after birth! Why is this camera so close! I'm surprised it has t been swallowed by her vag- I mean, her baby-popper-outer.

You think its disgusting because it's not you pushing out Jordan's pup that you created any carried for 5 months. When it's you, it'll be different. Opal whispers.

I feel exited and scared at her comment. A part of me couldn't get more exited at the thought of carrying Jordan and my child but I'm scared at getting pregnant at my age and having my southern region and flat stomach being destroyed.

'Opal we haven't even marked each other so we are not even half way through the mating process. Besides I'm 17 and Jordan is 18, we are way to young!'

I hear Opal protesting that love has no limits and bullshit. With a roll of my eyes, i disconnect our link. When I look back up, I'm the only one left in the class room. When your mind linking, you enter a state where you aren't aware of your surroundings.

I grab my text book and head to the bathroom since I've been holding on since the lesson began. I walk out the room and down the halls, crowded with people trying to escape the hell hole. I would be too if I wasn't about to piss my pants. I scurry to the girls bathroom and I see Bindi at the mirrors fixing her hair.

"Bindi you missed a spot at the back!" I yell as I sprint into a cubical. I hear Bindi groan in annoyance, she hates having bumps in her hair. She is probably a the biggest neat freak when it comes to hair. I laugh to myself as I sit down on the annoyingly cold seat and, you know, do my business.

I'm just about to turn around and flush when I feel a splat of water on my back, god damn her. Bindi always throws water me when I'm on the toilet. Last time, she threw a coke bottle with a mentors in it while I was sitting on the toilet. It exploded and I was stuck. Not a good day....

"Bindi don't get my clothes wet you bitch!" I scream at her. "Oh no Indie that wasn't water!" Bindi sang behind the door. I feel the drop of water start to crawl up my shirt. What the fuck, water is supposed to drip down. I peer over my shoulder and I see a huge bloody spider with all its horrible eyes and icky legs crawling up my back.

"FUCK!! SPIDER, THERES A FUCKING SPIDER ON MY BACK!! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF YOU FUCKER!" I let our a blood curdling yell as I desperately try to fling the little demon off. I burst through the door and the spider is flying around, hanging on by a web to my back. Bindi is double over laughing her head off. Glad she laughing, bloody bitch.

I gingerly pick up the web and march over to Bindi and dropped that fucker right down her shirt. Bindi froze then stood up and started jumping around like she was on a hot plate. I nodded in satisfaction and walked out listen to the glorious sounds of my revenge bouncing back and fourth off the tiled walls and floors.

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