Date night Date night

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Hey guys, so I feel really bad for being lazy in updating so here is an extra long chapter. Enjoy!

I'm feeling fairly confident about tonight. I've got the perfect date planned for Indie, I just hope she likes it. I'm an alpha and though I'd never say it, I'm scared shitless that Indie may reject me. I shook away the negative thought and decided that I should try focus on the positive.

It's about 4:15 pm and in 30 minutes, we are leaving to go have our date. Indie asked me what type of clothes she should wear so I just said something casual but slightly formal. Indie then said that she had no clothes and had to go shopping. It doesn't make sense because she has plenty of nice clothes but oh well. Women I guess.

I'm dressed in dark jeans, light green shirt and plain white vans. I have styled my short, slightly wavy dark brown hair in a messy yet casual type look. Not bed head type but like, well it's sort of.... I have no idea, I don't know hair styles.

Anyway, I'm sitting down stairs watching the end of the one of the transformer movies on tv. I've been waiting for 30 minutes for Indie. She wouldn't let me in her home or see what she is going to wear which reminds me, her home needs to soon be changed to our home. I want her to move in with me.

I flick through the channels and find the music station. I leave it on their as the song swing by savage comes on. Kind of sucks actually, I love this song but it never gets played anymore. I sit and nod and tap my feet to the beat then I hear soft clicking of my mates shoes coming up the stairs outside. I jump up and run to the door opening it before she could knock.

To say she is looking beautiful is an understatement, she is the embodiment of perfection and no flaw is found on her slim yet deliciously curvy in all the right area type body. She has a dark blue, casual knee length dress on with a large white belt around her perfectly curvy waist.Indie has plain white flats on but she still looks like a model.

She has a gold chained necklace around her throstle with a crescent moon charm hanging at the front. Instead her hair being in a high pony tail, she has curled her light brown hair and her face has minimal makeup; lip gloss, mascara and light pink lipstick. Just the way I like it. The more of the real Indie I see, the more gorgeous she looks.

I inwardly laugh at the irony of her necklace, a moon for my Luna. My Luna. A smile makes its way to my face at that. My Luna. Her Alpha. I like it.

Indie sheepishly smiles at me and blushes slightly while looking down at her outfit. "Do I look ok Jordan" she nervously asks me. "No my love, alright has no place in your description, for not even all the words that can ever be said will posses the incredible power to portrait such a beautiful creature." I bent down and kissed the top of her palm like and gentleman.

Indie is looking at me with an unimpressed face clearly not wowed by my word rant. "Ok Shakespeare, keep your beard on, my god Jordan you are such a dork sometimes!" She says while laughing towards the end. "I know nothing of what you are saying my love. I speakth of the truth and not a lie has left my lips this fine evening. Shall we ma lady?" I ask, offering my arm.

She rolls her beautiful brown eyes then breaks into smile. "Sure Romeo, whatever you say." With her arm linked with mine we made our way to my car and got strapped in to head out for our date.

~Indie's POV~

We have been driving for about 10 minutes and all this time all I could think of was how handsome he looked. He was dressed in jeans and a shirt, nothing fancy at all but it made me week in the knees looking at him. I was so lost in my thoughts about how sexy he would be without clothes on, I didn't realise the car had stopped until Jordan opened my door and offered his hand to help me out.

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