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~Indie's POV~

I awoke in a lumpy, rock hard bed that smelt like cheap perfume and mould. I scrunch up my nose in utter disgust as the stench floats in the air. I look around and remember where I am, what I am and what will happen to me if Jordan doesn't rescue me. But I know he will. I have faith in him.

I slip out of the bed and spot a letter on the door. I cautiously walk over to it and read the messy handwriting.


Sorry you couldn't wake up to my handsome face this morning but I have to plan for our soon future. I have a list of enemies you will kill and packs you will invade. You may just make me staying with you tolerable if you don't fuck it up like I'm sure you usually do.

Tonight I'm expecting some action, just because we cant mate properly or mark each other doesn't mean there isn't any fun to be had. I'm curious to see of there is anything else that mouth of yours can do but whine and make me want to slap you. I've assigned 5 guards to go shopping for you to wear tonight. Make it nice, I'm used to fine quality she wolves but I must make an exception for you.

Don't bother to try run away, with five guards, you wont get anywhere.


Oh my god. Oh. my. fucking. god. I scrunch the paper up and step back and feel something under my foot. I look down and see a syringe that once held wolfs bane. It's now inside me after the moron injected it into my blood stream. I'm about to walk away when I notice something that is crucial.

It's half empty.

It's not all in there! To put a wolf into lock down you need to give the right dose. Too much will kill but not enough will just make the wolf groggy for about 24 hours as opposed to the standard 50 hours at the right dosage! This means Opal is awake, just a bit hazy so, I might be able to mind link people close by and have half werewolf strength.

'Yo Opal, how are you doing?' I ask very concerned for my other half, well technically my third.

I'm tired Indie shut up! She yells at me through a wolfy yawn. Usually I would argue back but not now. There are bigger fish to fry.

I focus all my energy to Jordan. I need to know where he is. After about 20 seconds I think I have his link connected so I decide to try it out.

'Jordan baby?' I whisper to him in my mind. I don't know why I did, I guess I'm paranoid that people outside the door that think I don't know they're there might here me.

'Indie! What's wrong, is he there, has he touched you?' He starts growling ferociously and whilst others would cower away in fear, honestly it's a turn on for me. Opal starts to purr as she talks a very concerned but giddy Isaac.

'No Jordan he hasn't, where are you though I'm really scared and I just want you to hold me in your arms. I miss you.' I whisper the last part feeling my eyes water. It hasn't been long 3 or so days I imagine since I've been here but I can't be sure since I've been out the whole time but my god not being near him hurts like fucking hell. Like hell in a bottle and I'm being forced to drink it.

'Don't worry my love, I swear no harm will come to you. Listen to me our pack is outside the border, tonight at ten pm, we will invade and kill every ruthless and cold hearted member who stands in our way if retrieving you.'

A tsunami of emotions fill me; relief that they are nearby and that I'll be out of here by tonight, pride that my pack whom the majority of don't even know me would leave Australia just to bring me back home. I say majority because I usually keep to myself. I really hang out with Bindi since I tend to frighten away others with my loud personality.

Yet, I feel a surge of anxiety and pure horror. Tonight Sam is going to rape me. What if they rescue me too late!? I have kept myself pure for Jordan all my life, I'm not going to let that change tonight. I hope.

'Jordan, can't you do it sooner?' I ask trying to sound casual about it. If Jordan found out what Sam is planning to do to me tonight, he'll do something stupid like get himself killed. He stays oddly quite for some time before answering me.

'Indie, what's wrong?' He asks slowly and concerned.

'Nothing, why do you ask?' I'm sweating bullets, of course he would know I'm lying. I'm a good liar but he is my family and mate. He became my brother when I lost mine and my protector when I lost my dad and he cared for me when I lost my mum.

'Sam is going to well' I may be a teenager but I still feel weird talking about sex. 'He said he was going to put my mouth to better use if he couldn't mate me properly.' I rush out hoping he wouldn't understand me.

I've never heard something so sexy yet terrifying in my life. I've never heard him growl this way before and I don't think I ever will again. I shudder of fear runs through me as does desire.

'Jordan I've got an idea! Sam told me that I have to go shopping for clothes, why don't you rescue me at the shops?' I ask cautiously. He stops growling and he considers this for a minute

'Alright, no doubt you will have guards there so we'll have to be sneaky about it. Ask to go to Dune hill shopping centre and into the Kmart store there. Grab the things you should be getting then go into the change rooms. Use the one at the end of the hall, I'll have a she wolf in there to lead you out of a tunnel. Leave to go there at two this afternoon, it gives me 6 hours to make a tunnel and get very one ready. See you there baby.' He finishes.

I have a few doubts about this plan but it's better then waiting here. 'Alright Jordan, I'll see you there.' With that i end our connection because it's using Opals already dwindling energy.

I look around the room and see an open door leading to a bathroom. I make my way over there and I notice its fucking huge! There is a spa bath, 2x4 meter shower, toilet and three sinks! The floor is quartz and everything else is a cream colour tile.

I look longingly at the shower, wishing I could wash. I haven't washed this whole time I've been here, how ever long that is. There isn't really a point showering since I'll have to out on this crinkled smelly dress that I slept in all night and that defeats the purpose of showering.

I settle with splashing my face with water form one of the sinks. I scrub my face trying to get the makeup off and after about 2 minutes, the majority of it is swirling down the drain. I look around and see a tube of mint tooth paste beside the sink.

I walk over to it and uncap it. I like mint, at least he has good taste in tooth paste. Wait, did I honestly just say that?! Oh my god I'm going mad. I squeeze a bit of it onto my index finger and run it under the tap. A spread the tooth paste around my teeth trying to make it smell a bit fresher.

In my personal opinion, being around people with bad breath or being the person with bad breath is the worst! I remember my school slut Elly, who would reek of cheap perfume and her breath smelt like a pig crawled into her mouth, shat then died in it.

Bindi and I came to the conclusion that it was because of all the blow jobs she gave. At lunch, you'd see her stumble out of the cleaners closet butting up her shirt with a guy behind her zipping his fly up. Pretty much all of the male werewolves in the 'we are so call come fuck us' group had come out of a room with Elly.

I thank god Jordan has never slept with her though I know he has slept with other girls. He isn't a man whore but he isn't a virgin. Thinking about his past with other girls makes my blood burn, heart crack and eyes sting. I shake it away, he would never do it now we are mates,

After about two minutes of rubbing my teeth with the minty substance, I wash my mouth out and splash my face once more, wiping it dry with a clean hand towel hanging by a small hook. I walk back into the room and think to myself how much I hope this plan works!

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