Planning for perfection

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~Indie's pov~

I wake up and feel tow strong arms encircle me in a possessive way. It's not the rapist kind, more like the loving way. I peer over my shoulder and see Jordan sleeping peacefully beside me. I sigh and mentally hit myself for waking up.

As comfortable as I am, once I'm up, I'm up and if I don't move, I get bored and then cranky. I'm not a morning person when I have to get up but when I wake up by my self, it's easier. If that makes any sense.... I try to wiggle away but his grip is too strong. Damn you possessive alpha.

"Jordan" I whisper at him. When he doesn't wake up, I shake his shoulder slightly and talk normally "Jordan, Jordan come on, let me up." He just mutters and grabs me tighter.

When that doesn't work I resort to poking him in the face repeatedly. Still, fucking nothing. Then a brilliant thought pops into my mind. I lean over and kiss his cheek and he starts to stir.

I smirk at the effect I have on him. I gently kiss his mouth gently and he starts kissing back so I pull away. He growls so I start kissing him again but every time he starts to kiss me back, I pull away. By the fifth time he flips over and straddles me and holds me arms up above my head. Shit.

"Baby, why you being so mean? You understand mean people need to have punishment by the Alpha." This intrigues me to no end then I realise what he means by punishment. "Woah there cowboy, pg 13 here!" I say with wide eyes. I blush madly at the thought of me being punished by him and I feel slightly lustful. Damn teenage girl hormones!

With him slightly distracted, I ninja roll off him, do an epic flip and then sprint out the room like a boss. At least that ps what happened in my mind. When he has distracted, I rolled off him and face planted the floor landing on my stomach forcing out a very lady like burp. But hey, I did that burp like a boss.

Jordan peers over the bed at my squished body and just starts laughing. "It's not funny you dickwad! It fucking hurt!" This just makes him laugh harder. I frown and pout at him like a child and stomp out of the room.

He jumps out of bed and wraps his long, muscular arms around my small frame and whispers in my ear "I'm sorry baby, let me make it up too you? How a bout I take you on a date tonight, take your mind off everything. Good idea?". I smile at his thoughtfulness and sweetness.

"Of course my love I wouldn't miss it for world." And I peck him in the lips.

~Jordan's POV~

Indie jumped off my bed and bounded down the stairs as her soft lips still lingered on mine. I mind link my beta Nick and ask him to help me with organising my Date with Indie. He immediately agrees and we start to brainstorm ideas. After about 2 minutes, I've got something I know my little angel will love!

I got out of my bed and walked into my wardrobe and put on one of my black singlet shirts and and shorts since it's quite hot today. I spray on deodorant and walk down stairs to get some breakfast. I reach the kitchen and I see my Luna bopping up and down making toast and pancakes for us.

I cannot believe the moon goddess blesses you bastard with such an amazing woman

Isaac my wolf chimed. I normally would have growled at him showing me disrespect but he's right. How the hell did I get so lucky in love.

Indie turns around and hands me a plate with 8 pieces of toast on it and then gets a plate with 4 pieces for her. We eat in a comfortable silence and then I notice she is still wearing her pj's and all of her long, tanned legs are on full display for my eyes and my eyes only.

A small and quiet growl of approval comes from Isaac. "Mine" I say then grab indie by her waist taking her by surprise and spin her around above my head. She starts laughing her heart fluttering laugh and that jaw dropping smile covers her perfect face.

I smile back. I did that. I made her smile. It's me making her this happy and because she is happy, so am I. I put her down again because I see Indie getting slightly dizzy.

We finish the last of our breakfast and I insisted on washing the dishes. Indie cooed at me saying such a good boy and patting me on the head. After a while I let out a playful growl and Indie squeals and runs up the stairs. I know its bad but I lean back and watch my little mate bound up the stairs, mainly focusing on her but. Damn.

I shake my head to focus on tonight's date. It has to be perfect. Its our first date and we will mark each other. Not a single flaw will happen come up tonight. I hope.

Hey guys, I'm actually on holidays in tweed heads right now and it my school holidays! Also, we will be moving houses next week so please don't ask me to update because I'm really stressed out right now and want to relax. I may update one or two times a week but not too often. Also, Peppi11 will be publishing a book soon, I'll keep you posted but remember to




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