The fight

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~Indie's POV~

About 60 wolves from Sam's pack shift and charge at us. We all shift and I hear Jordan barking orders through our pack link. He is telling everyone to be careful and calling the rest of the pack who are waiting near Sam's pack to come help.

I shift into Opal and quickly scan the area for Bindi and Carly. Right on the other side of the battle field i spot Bindi trying to fight off three large wolves. She may have a bit of alpha blood in her but she isn't strong enough to take on three wolves. I notice she is taking a defence position and that is when I see Carly trembling in fear behind her.

She is only 11 years old so she cannot shift. I run over towards them to help aid Bindi in protecting our new little sister who Opal is already imprinted on. While the fight is raging on all I think is thank god for the large forest behind the shops or humans would see us.

After about 10 seconds I run 400 meters and reach them. I skilfully pounce onto one of wolves trying to attack Bindi. I have trained all my life to kill rouge wolves so this isn't new to me. I'm one of the best fighters in the pack and the best female fighter probably because of my Luna blood and Opal being a death wolf.

I chomp down onto its hind leg and the filth howls in pain. The large black wolf turns around to face me. It's eyes are red with rage and it lifts up its paw and swipes me across the face, narrowly missing my eyes. I wince but react faster then he can and I lunge for his jugular.

I grab it and bite down as hard as I can. I feel the wolf desperately trying to escape my death grip but that just makes me even more mad. How dare he try to escape justice. I swing my head to the left and snap his neck in a swift motion. I nod in satisfaction but the taste of it vile blood remains in my mouth.

I turn around and see a fellow pack member crush the skill of one wolf and Bindi managing to get a grip on the third and final wolfs throat. I look at my pack my member and nod in approval and appreciation. He nods back in respect and runs off to help someone else.

I turn around and see Carly shaking, her once innocent eyes gleaming with fear at the deaths around her. I walk over to her and she yelps in terror. I can't communicate with her since she isn't in my pack so I walk over and nudge my head against her, showing her I'm not going to harm her.

She looks at me shocked. "Indie?" She asks cautiously. I nod my head and lay down in front of her, jerking my head behind me telling her to get on my back. She picks up what I'm putting down and slowly climbs onto my back. Once she is settled I start to jog and her grip tightens once her grip is firm in my dusty red fur I break out into a run.

She screams and I look behind her. Her face is pale and so are her knuckles from holding on so tight. It pulls my skin a bit but she has probably never gone this fast before. "I'm fine, keep going!" She yells at me. I look in front again and keep running. I come to a smaller shopping centre near the edge of the woods and I spot a pack member keeping a look out incase a moonstone member runs past to help.

'Excuse me? You there, by the bakery window, this is your Luna, Bindi.' I say directing my link energy to her wolf. Her head snaps up and she looks around wildly. 'Luna where are you? My name is Carol, what can I help you with?' She hurriedly asks me. 'By the edge of the woods, I'm here with my little sister. Come and take her and keep her safe, I have to go back and help the others.' I reply to Carol.

'Yes Luna, of course.' She answered running over to me. Once she reached the edge of the forest, I stepped forward. "Hi I'm Carol, my Luna here has asked me to look after you for a bit." Carol beamed brightly at Carly. I leaned down a bit so she could get off my back and once she did she looked at me skeptically. I nodded in assurance and she gave me a tight hug, wrapping her small arms around my big furry neck.

"Please, please be safe. If you die, I'll kill you do you understand me?" She whispered at me sternly I snorted a laugh in response and I pulled back. "Come on, let's go get something to eat!" Carol said suggestively to my little sister. They turned around and walked off toward the shops and I leapt away back toward the raging war.

When I arrived again, all of my pack was there minus the children and Carol of course but so was Sam's pack. They outnumbered us, 3 to 1 but we were skilled fighters. I looked and noticed about 25 of the 400 or so werwolves from the moonstone pack refusing to fight. They must be the other packs Sam had attacked.

I ran over to them and they each bowed their head in respect. One of them shifted and threw on a baggy pair of shorts. "Luna, we will not fight your pack. Please give us a chance, we are not his members we are refugees from the packs he invaded. He is no more our alpha then is yours. We beg of you, let us join your pack we swear loyalty to anyone who stands up to this monster." He pleaded in a thick american accent.

I thought it over for about 5 seconds before nodding my head. Instantly, their scents changed to the western pack scent. They bowed in respect to their new Luna. "Help anyone who needs it and if you see someone injured, get them to safety!" I shouted to them through their new link.

The human shifted back into his orangey brown wolf and they all separated and into the battle unfolding around us. I turned around and was met by a grey wolf, clearly from Sam's pack. He lunged at my throat and I didn't have much time to react but none the less, I managed to move but not enough to escape his jaws. He sunk his teeth deep into my shoulder and I howled out in terrible pain.

I felt his canines graze my shoulder blade and sweet jesus did it hurt! About a second after the beast removed his teeth, he was thrown sideways by a blur a black fur. Jordan had his front paws on his chest, claws sinking into the soft flesh of his belly while he was clamping down in his throat painfully slow, choking and bleeding him to death. He heard a satisfying pop and he let go, dropping the dead body to the ground.

He rushed over to inspect the wound on my shoulder but I couldn't feel it. Probably gone numb from the shock or how deep it is. He looked at my shoulder then back at me.

'Baby, the fuck happened to your shoulder?' He asked me through the link.

'The bastard bit me, is it that bad?' I question him. If I'm disabled or restricted by this at all, I'll bring him to life, stab his eyes out so he can watch me cut his balls off before I shove them down his throat and kill him again.

'Indie, there's nothing there!' He exclaims shocked. I look down and see dried blood caked in my fur but no teeth mark. I walked forwards. Nothing. Ok. What the flying fuck just happened to me?! I hear Opal chuckle and decide to quiz her on the precious events.

Indie, the prophecy said our fate would be chosen my the mark of our mate. Sam's mark would've turned us into a death wolf but the mark Jordan gave us has given us a new and different fate. We are the wolf of life! She cried happily. The hell was a wolf of life?

'So with Sam's mark, we would have been a killing slave but with Jordan's mark we...' I trail off hoping she would fill me in. She huffed impatiently.

With Jordan's mark, we are able to heal and save a life of someone. We cannot bring people back from the dead but we can talk to them through dreams and can save someone on deaths door. Opal explained to me.

I didn't know what to think or how to react so me being the genius I am replied with. 'Sweet' my god I'm such a douche. I hear Opal muttering to herself at my choice of reaction but hey, I'm stunned. Wouldn't you be too if you just found out this information?!

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