Escape with my sister

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I sigh and flop down on the ugly bed. I hear the door creak open and in walks a small girl, about 10 years old. "Here you go Luna." She whispers in a light American accent as she places a red shirt and denim shorts with black flats on my bed.

I may hate it here but I doubt a child had part in this mess. I smile sweetly before answering. "Thank you very much, I'm Indie and I'm not your Luna so please don't call me that ok?" I asked her. She looked back up at me and had a confused expression her face.

I look at her and she looks a bit like me when I was younger. She had a little bit of freckles on her cheeks and has large dark brown eyes like mine. She has shoulder length brown hair that is dead straight. She has a button nose and thin pink lips where as I have plump rosy lips.

"Indie, why you do sound different and what do you mean your not my Luna? Your Sam's mate right? Oh by the way, I'm Carly." I smile. I've always loved the name Carly. "Well Carly, I'm Sam's ex mate, he rejected me but now wants me back because he is selfish." I explain as simply as I can.

"I know why he wants you back, your the death wolf. He attacked my pack 4 weeks ago once he came back from a trip to Australia I think it was. He said he found the death wolf and that he is building an empire pack. He killed all the people on my pack who fought him. Only me and 13 others out of 98 left alive that night. I watched him kill my family and I couldn't do anything about it." She screams in anger then it dissipates into sadness and tears streak down her lightly freckled face.

My heart breaks at her story. "I don't have a family either." I whisper. "I had a little brother, mother and father but it's just me now." I tell Carly. She looks at me and weakly smiles. "We have something in common." She said. My smile widens as does hers. I nod my head enthusiastically.

"Of course we do! I'm sure there is lots of things we have in common besides our family and appearance!" We start talking and we both found out we share the zodiac star sign Aries. We both like the colour blue, love animals and we both want to escape. I hadn't noticed how long we had been talking for but when I looked at the clock in the back corner of the room, I notice I have to leave to for the shops in 15 minutes.

My heart breaks slightly at the thought of leaving Carly then I have a genius idea. "Carly." I was whisper to her. "Yeah?" She answers lowering her voice. "My mate, Alpha Jordan has a plan for me to escape today at a shopping centre, your coming with me!" I say to her. Carly's face lights up and she pulls me into a bone crunching hug.

It hurts a little but I don't say anything, just hug the small body back. She looks back up at me and her smile is from one ear to the other and her eyes are shining with tears of joy. "Would you really truly do this for me? Let me leave?" She asks. "Of course! You would come and join my pack where I am Luna, you'd live with me and my mate and you could be my little sister! We could be a little family together!" I excitedly rush out.

"But Carly, this is very important you listen what I'm about to say." I tell her with a serious face. She gets that it must be important and shuffles back looking at me with an expecting face. "I'm going to tell the guards I'm bringing you along as my maid. I'm going to have to act snobby and rude and you need to act like a good little servant girl ok?" I ask her concerned.

"Of course Indie anything to get me out of here!" She says with an equally serious tone.

"Alright then it's a plan, just let me get changed into these clothes and we'll leave" I say to Carly and she nods. I rush back into the bathroom and have my outfit on in less then a minute. I come out the room and we leave the room and all i can think is I hope this works.

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