24 | Chapter Twenty-Four

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The truth.

The warmth of the first spring evening floated along Macey's skin, fuelling her excitement even more than before. Her cheeks stung from all the smiling she had been doing, and she was certain that Snowpea was irritated with her as she weaved around the giant wolf.

Today was the day she was about to receive closure for her twin — all thanks to Connor who made Macey furrow her brows in confusion. He's doing this, all for me?

After completing training at the summoners guild, Macey sauntered her way towards the Heslington manor, located on the outskirts of Stormvein. She began to imagine what this place would look like, picturing in her head a stronghold that was similar to the institute but with fancy art and baby pictures of both Connor and Michael scattered across the walls. 

Snapping her from her lulled and weary daydreams, Snowpea began to howl in a random aspect, making Macey suppresses the urge to scream.

"What's that for?" she asked, running her fingers through the snow-white fur of her arazel. "Almost gave me a damn heart attack girl."

Snowpeas ears then shot up high, her muzzle pointed in one direction. Like lighting, she bolted off, leaving Macey dazed and confused.


With no idea as to what was going on, Macey frantically ran after her familiar, meekly attempting to keep up with the long-limbed wolf. Being led down the narrow stony avenues that were scattered across the town, leaping over obstacles such as the odd wind spell and a small cart of food, a panting Macey came to a halt in front of a giant mansion that took away what little breath she had.

The grand building was surrounded by a large metal fence that glimmered gold when the sun smeared across the surface. Macey tiled her head back to see how high the place was, almost as large as the summoners headquarters but rather than be a crimson colour, it was a pearlescent white.

Snowpea clawed at the gate, prompting Macey to push her agitated familiar away.

"What's got into you?" Macey said with annoyance, shrugging at her now a downcast wolf. "You've been spastic ever since—"

A high pitched yelp emerged from the mansion, catching enough of Macey's attention to realise the gold etchings carved into the front door. With furrowed brows, she then slowly opened the gate, making her way towards the entrance with Snowpea by her side. Her hand glided along with the gold serpent designs before rounding up the courage to knock on the door.

With silence being her answer, Macey began to shift her weight between her toes and the balls of her feet, rolling her eyes about with a whistle leaving her lips. When each second slowly passing by, she would then run her fingers through Snowpeas fur, pressing her lips in a flat line when the arazel decided to take a small rest on the grass.

"Is this even the Heslington manor?" whispered Macey, pinching at her chin. "Then again, who else would have serpents on their front door."

Just as she lifted her fist up to knock one more time, the door opened up and outshot a small crimson wolf, heading straight towards Snowpea.

"Damnit Aru!" yelled a flustered Connor with his teeth tightly clenched and his fist in a ball. "What's got..."

His dark brown eyes met with Macey's, with his brow slowly rising above his forehead. He jared his mouth open, meekly attempting to say something but would only let silence tumble off his tongue.

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