12 | Chapter Twelve

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Shadows and Familiars.

Connor's heart accelerated against his chest while his fingers tightly gripped at the adornment Macey handed him. The back of his throat felt like something was lodged in the end, petrified by this unknown feeling.

I can't believe it. He had heard many tales about how powerful moon magic was and how it could obliterate a being with a single stream of energy. It was a tale of myths and legends to him. But standing right in front of such an anomaly, big-eyed and mouth wide open, it made Connor realise that legends can come true — which means nightmares are also things that can appear into reality.

Entangling itself in his legs was Connors annoying arazel. The small puppy chewed at the bottom of his pants, attempting to leap into his arms before being gently pushed away.

Watching Macey wince in pain, Connor meandered towards her, sidestepping his runty mischief wolf. But before he could reach her, he was stopped in his tracks by the benevolent beast that was her familiar. An arazel, just like his but evolved. The massive beast sneered at him, showing its rather impressive set of fangs, letting off a low growl like Connor was a threat.

"Easy girl," panted Macey, staggering to her feet. The wolf slowly made its way behind Macey, but it never took its sapphire eyes off Connor. A low cooing sound rumbled from the Snow White arazel, nestling the side of its head on her leg.

"You okay?" asked Connor, watching her glide her hand across her familiars back.

He stood at the side of Macey and gently gave her adornment back. With a shaky hand, Macey snatched it and slipped it back on her wrist, letting out a long sigh of relief. The small charm on the bracelet then began to glow while curiosity began to brush the back of Connor's mind.

"Thanks," muttered Macey, sweeping the dirt off her clothes with the back of her hand, smiling at the one adornment that clattered against the rest of them. "Fun fact, this adornment keeps my lunar energy at a — controllable level."

Connor furrowed his brows then folded his arms across his chest. "You don't have control over it?"

She shook her head and pouted her lips. "Nope. That's why I'm here at Grendilton. To learn how to master it." Macey then reached into the pockets of her shorts, pulling out a piece of red liquorice that put a smile on her face. Connor shook her head at her, bewildered at the fact that she has candy stashed in the back of her pockets — eating it without questioning what's on it.

She smirked at Connor, irritating him with her loud, obnoxious chewing. "You want some, don't ya?"

Connor rolled his eyes. "No, I don't. We almost died, and you're inappropriately eating candy."

Macey frowned and half shrugged. "How is this inappropriate? I mean, panicking and crying would be a natural reaction but-" The back of her teeth gnawed at the ends of her liquorice, pulling at it like a dog with a chew toy. "I don't see the point. Maybe you can cry for the both of us."

"You're a headache," groaned Connor, looking behind his shoulder for a brief moment, realising that the magical barrier that halted them had disappeared.

He walked in the direction that the class was in, slowly narrowing his eyes down at his watch. Twenty minutes had flown by, making Connor wonder if Hazel cared about her student's disappearance.

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