42 | Chapter Forty Two

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Logan's POV.
(Because he doesn't have a banner, I've decided to add his theme song aka, the song I listened to whilst writing this entire chapter.)


"Isn't it beautiful?"

Sun lanterns danced along Silverthrow lake, igniting the crystal clear waters with fiery fury. The stalls that floated above them created ripples which cascaded everywhere, like rainbows in the briny depths in the vast oceans views.

Laughter resonated all around them, with students looking lavish for the special occasion. Some were in groups, hollering so loud that they could be mistaken for a beastly growl, whilst a few had partners that they held tightly in their arms.

This was indeed beautiful. But Logan couldn't bring himself to admit it, scowling at the image before him with a cigarette upon his lip.

Raine rolled her eyes when her reply was nothing but silence, then sneered, "cheer up. Perhaps next year we can be the attendees."

"That's a nice thought," Logan said sullenly. "Too bad this is our last year at the institute."

There was nothing Logan looked more forward to than the day he could kiss Grendilton goodbye and become a real summoner. He wouldn't have to put up with the paladins always making snarky remarks for being a lowly masteries nor would he have to listen to the many female students trying to make coy remarks at him.

But, as smoke left his lips ... he couldn't help but feel this emptiness stringing at his conscious. One that was in the form of a particular metal mage that has piqued his curiosity since day one.

Balaryn shrieked, sending his focus hurdling back to reality, which was Raine and her cocked up an eyebrow.

"So," she hummed. "Does one plan on telling a certain somebody a certain ... summoners cry?"

Logan shook his head at his cousins bluntly said demand. Of course, he told himself, brushing his fingers through Balaryn's feathers, feeling his face become warmer by the second due to one lingering thought.

The day he met Shaz was a moment unlike any other. Logan couldn't remember the importance of the meeting he just had before she came along, nor did he care. The way her body swayed with the wind made him think of a majestic bird soaring the skies. When she spoke, it was soft like cotton yet loud enough to drown everything around him.

He didn't know why, or even how — but it was that very moment Logan knew that this woman was the one for him. Every moment they had, he cherished. From the time he helped her look for Macey to the moment she was nestled in his arms for just a brief second.

There was nobody else the summoner wanted to merge his magic with and to say his final words to ...

It had to be Shaz.

"Speak of the devil..."

Heels clicking against the cobblestone footpath resonated around him. It was enough to drown out the booming sounds of the party in the distance and made Logan's heart flutter with anticipation.

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