16 | Chapter Sixteen

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The broken Mage.

"This is ridiculous." Connor extinguished his urge to meekly sigh, letting his feet drag along the cobblestone path of the Stormvein township.

It was a quiet weekend morning. Only two people seemed to occupy the streets with the clattering of pots and pans resonating in the nearby shops.

The Summoners Guild, is she out of her mind? He glared at Macey, who led the way with her loyal companion Snowpea right by her side. Following behind her was Shaz, who also looked equally unimpressed by Macey's decision to join the guild.

"You're not making any rational decisions," inquired Shaz, shaking her head at the stubborn moon mage. "Out of all the guilds, you're choosing the 'kickback' one too, not only join, but also to help you fight whoever is after you?"

Connor could hear the broken tone in Shaz's voice, developing a sort of pity in the depths of his stomach. But while he peered over at Macey, who shook her head, she looked as if she couldn't care less and continued to make strides towards their destination.

"Wanna help?" asked Iza, lightly jolting Connor in the ribs. "Your brother is the Overseer now. Can't you tell him to perhaps — I don't know — protect the moon mage and stop the people who are trying to kill her?"

I could. He narrowed his eyes at Macey, who began walking backwards, debating with Shaz as to why this is a good idea. She held her head up high with a ridiculously determined facial expression. There was a fiery glint in her irises, one that could not be tarnished by the words of others who know what's best for her — especially from the likes of Connor. She wouldn't accept my offer even if I begged.

Letting silence linger between both him and Iza, Connor gave his reply with a shake of his head, folding his arms across his chest, enabling a low grunt to leave his mouth. It wasn't until they turned a corner had he realised Shaz was looking at him with a crestfallen gaze. Her chin touched the top of her chest. Her lip curled up into a small frown. Perhaps she thought I would be that one to make her see reason?

"I think this is the place," said Macey, darting her eyes between a parchment she held and the massive structure that stood in the far off distance.

The Summoners Headquarters was on the edge of Stormvein, wedged in between two giant canyons that almost crashed against one another. Connor gasped at the sheer size and location, noticing that this structure looked like a volcano, funnelling upwards and in between the high rocky cliff sides. Large gold banners with a dark blue eagle embroidered in the centre hung down the building, gently flowing in the light breeze that circulated. While they all began to walk closer to the facility, a whiff of something foul caught Connors nose. A revolting mix of old food scraps and hay.

"Of course," sneered Connor, taking in the sights before him. There were small stables that were just before the entrance, with all different sized enclosures, each one with a creature in them. One of them held a Phoenix, whose cage was engulfed in fire while another one held a hippogryph, uprooting the ground it stood in. Rather docile creatures.

"Woah," gaped Iza, "Check it out."

Furrowing his brows, Connor gulped at the massive beast Iza was referring to. Its fur was an inky black, thick and dense as it moved around. The beast was fast asleep, sounding almost peaceful while it rested all three heads against one another. A Cerberus.

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