15 | Chapter Fifteen

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The requiem of nightmares.

The afternoon sun trickled through the clouds, shimmering along the ripples in the river that ran throughout the peaceful little township of Stormvein. Buildings made of limestone and metal lined the cobblestone footpaths, casting shadows that spilled out onto the street. The smell of freshly baked loaves of bread and honeydew flowers lingered in the air, enticing Macey's senses while she stood outside a lovely little cafe in the town square. The buzz of the townsfolk and students could be heard bouncing off the walls, filling the streets with joy, glee and swooning women of all ages. Why?

The infamous Michael Heslington is the new overseer. And he's appeared in the area.

Macey swung the door open. With her feet planted under the oaky wooden flooring, the warm aroma of coffee beans and delicious sweet baking gave her a hint of euphoria. She scanned the shop, spotting a few students from the institute who were enjoying a fresh, warm beverage on these upcoming frosty winter days.

Where is she? Suddenly, Macey raised her brow, shyly smiling when she caught eyes of Shaz who was seated near a large window that showcased the bustling streets. She made strides towards her, quickly taking notice of the large mug of coffee that was easily mistaken for a bowl, sipping at it like the madame she is.

"Are you planning on sharing that beverage of yours?" Macey pulled out the chair parallel to Shaz, tossing her bag under the table before taking a seat.

"Don't worry," laughed Shaz, placing the large cup down. "I will drink it all. You have no idea how long I stayed up gathering up the information about this blood moon amulet of yours."

While Macey furrowed her brows, she got the suspicion that Shaz wasn't very thrilled about any of this. She had a sullen pout, developing a twitch in the corner of her mouth. Dipping under the table, Shaz scooped her bag up and tossed it on the table, fishing out a load of parchment papers and books. She ceases to amaze me.

Just when Macey was about to grab one of the books, a squeal could be heard outside. The heels of a flock of roaming women resonated through the thick window pane. It was like they were running away from something; however, told by some of the facials these women displayed, they were running towards something.

"What's all that about?" asked Macey, but even Shaz was showing signs of being star-struck with large dinner plate eyes and her mouth wide open. What's gotten— oh.

Diverting her eyes out the window, in Macey's line of vision was a sight that made her want to hurl, causing her to sneer and roll her eyes. Pfft, stupid Paladins.

They wore heavily plated armour across their shoulders and legs, shimmering gold in the afternoon sunset. Red satin cloth draped down the front and back, with an eclipse crescent embroidered into the fabric — the sigil of the Citadel of Magics. Almost all of them wore helmets created from solid gold. All but one. Their leader.

I'm taking a colossal guess — that's Michael Heslington.

He was in front of them, holding his helmet to his side. Macey sneered. He looks so much like Connor. Makes me wanna blast him with my lunar energy.

But even Macey couldn't deny that the man was incredibly handsome. The way he held his head up high, pinching at his perfectly chiselled jaw made her think he's done these sort of appearances many times. Unlike his unkempt curly-haired brother, Michael had straight black hair which he combed his fingers through and let the wind shuffle it back. A smile broad gleaming smile stretched across his face, creating somewhat of shimmer in his almost honey-like coloured irises.

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