43 | Chapter Forty Three

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Battle at Silverthrow Lake.

Events were circulating too quickly for Macey to even process what was going on. The low murmur of a slow song was now overthrown by the chaotic screams of the patrons around her. Her periwinkle dress that twinkled like a diamond was not only ripped but food and alcohol stains were all over the fabric.

"Shatter them Snowpea!"

A whistle resonated against the furious screams of both humans and shadows. A blast of frost danced along with the creatures that lunged for Macey. But no harm was done as her benevolent wolf not only made icicles of them but her nasty bite shattered them into dust.

"Good girl," panted Macey, gazing over the disorder before her, looking for her friends in the frenzy of the crowd.

She watched Raine in the distance, summoning sentries left to right and centre. By her side were two burly men who tackled shadows over and snapped their limbs like breadsticks and chocolate bars.

A frosty breeze whisked her cheeks. The sounds of ice flaring across the ground could be heard, with the squeaking of sneakers gliding against the slickness.

"Watch out!" yelled Iza, as Macey watched him conjure before her a large glacier, which protruded the ribs of a lurking shadow in the distance.

"I got you!" screamed Shaz. Just in the nick of time, the metal mage created a metal stand, saving a sobbing mage from potential death before she yelled, "iza, take her somewhere safe, I'm going to help Connor and Macey."

But the moment Shaz said Macey's name, a tendril of darkness latched onto her throat. She watched as the metal mage clawed at the force, turning a shade of purple when her efforts failed her.

"No!" yelled Macey, grabbing the whistle that Logan gave her, placing in upon her lips then blowing the adornment with all her might.

Macey grimaced. Darkness poured out from the whistle, pooling down at her feet. Growls echoed all around her, then a head popped out of the portal the whistle called forth.

But before Mynetia could even appear, a thread of lightning twisted itself around the tendril, evaporating into nothing and letting Shaz go from its clutches. She then collapsed to the ground with Macey rushing towards her best friend in a state of panic.

"Shaz!" To which the metal mage replied with a strained cough and said, "I'm okay — thanks to Connor."

Holding Shaz by her waist, the both of them couldn't help but gaze at the bravery Connor showcased.

Shadow after shadow, all were slain and destroyed by the fire sage. His fists were ignited with both lighting and flames, each one coming in contact with terrible hissing creatures.

"Go help," Shaz wearily said. "He can't keep that up forever."

But Macey couldn't leave her injured friend. She frantically looked for somewhere safe to place her, but everywhere she bored her eyes, she could only see chaos.

"I've got her."

Just in time, Iza appeared. He grabbed the weight of Shaz that Macey was holding, glaring at her with an intense stare before saying, "go help, Connor!"

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