26 | Chapter Twenty Six

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Moon fuelled anxiety.


{ A/N: *wipes away tears* okay. So, out of all the chapters I have written so far, this one may be one of the heavy hitters. So, it comes with a wee warning. It does deal with trauma and heavy anxiety, so it may (or may not be) a slight trigger. Also, this comes with a song, one I used to write the last remaining paragraphs to really kick you in the feels. So uh — attempt to — enjoy.}

Macey felt as if she was handed the answers to all her questions. Deep within her heart, she felt anticipation, anxiousness and also a sense of urgency that contradicted her wariness from today's lesson.

Fatigued rushed her body like a raging waterfall but also, the will to find her brother made her want to find out if perhaps, this adornment really can give her what she truly desires.

"So," she hummed, dangling the adornment like it was just a mere watch, glaring at Connor who stood there like a confused unicorn. "How does this thing work?" A pout emerged across her lip, hoping that Connor would tell her the answer without hesitation.

"I'm not too sure," he said with disappointment in his voice, clicking the watch open, revealing a typical clock face to emerge which sparkled in the twilight setting before them. "Perhaps hold it in one hand and cast a simple lunar spell."

Easier said than done. There was no such thing as a 'simple lunar spell,' not to Macey who furrowed her brow at the simple mention of the idea. But as she looked at Connor, who had nothing but optimism in his dark brown eyes, she couldn't help but sigh and held the adornment up — channelling a thin thread of energy towards the clockface.

"Okay," Macey whispered, taking a deep breath in then softly closing her eyes shut. I can do this.

She felt this sharp coldness jolt through her veins, circulating her muscles then burning against her skin. A glow seeped along her eyelids which were shut hard against one another and she knew, from previous experiences, that both her hair and her skin were glowing an eerie stone white. The pain began to ravage her body, her teeth clenched tightly together, attempting to whisk the hurt away by wincing out loud. Her hand began to shake against the adornment, prompting her to open her eyes.

Before her was a white glow, one that shot through Connor and towards the mirror hall — an amphitheatre that held magical portals that led to any location and was restricted to any student after institute hours.

"Let's go," Macey said breathlessly, following the glow like a beacon, with Connor quickly on her heels.

The hall of mirrors was a cathedral-like building, that stood just off the side of the institute. It was only ever used for events such as gatherings of the other schooling systems around the world and when the Citadel made an entrance. It stood firm
with a gold rocky exterior that withstood many elements such as snow, rain and immense heat and had windows that shimmered like diamonds.

When Macey placed her hand on the main door, she wasn't surprised it was locked, sighing at the failed attempt to shimmy it open.

"Allow me."

Connor placed his hands on the large doorknob with a hex in the shape of a cog appearing along with the metal fixings. The sounds catching Macey's ears were like a clock, ticking and turning before she heard the faint sounds of something clicking into place, watching Connor open the door with no effort.

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