30 | Chapter Thirty

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My best friend.



| Does contain suicidal material |



The summer morning was anything but lovely for Shaz, despite the fact that she could wear cute flowing dresses and flats that matched her entire look. While she was walking the quiet courtyards of the institute at seven in the morning, with a bag of clothes for Macey, she couldn't help but wonder perhaps today was the day.

"It's been two weeks," sighed Shaz. "C'mon Mace. I need you."

Shaz missed Macey's groans in the morning and how the moon mage could never decide what to make for breakfast, opting to just buy something from the cafe. She also missed shopping with her best friend and the laughter that they shared. Please be the day.

She pushed the door wide open, greeted by a row of empty beds, the stale smell of potions and ointments that lingered in the air and Professor Dels loving smile which came with a sad head shake.

"She's still in a coma," sighed Del, pointing over to her bed. "But while I have you here, could you perhaps maybe..."

When Shaz looked over at Macey's cubicle, she was half surprised that she wasn't the first one here, telling Del, "I'll try my best."

Taking long strides towards Macey's bed, the first thing she saw wasn't her best friend being probed by eight healing runes or a sharp whisk of ice climbing up her body.

He really cares about her.

The first thing she saw was the large broad back of Connor and his large furry arazel who was next to Snowpea. His head was flat against Macey's bed and he was muttering something Shaz couldn't quite hear.

She loudly threw the clothes underneath the bed, meekly attempting to capture the attention of a saddened nerd. When she did, Shaz couldn't help but screw her face up at the state of Connor. His eyes looked as if they were sinking into the back of his skull, the bags under his eyes seemed like they had been there for months, yet only became visible in this very instance.

Shaking at her head while grabbing a seat, she asked, "How many hours of sleep have you received?"

Connor shrugged. "An hour or so, give or take."

Shaz pressed her lips together in disappointment, slowly shaking at her head. She let out a long sighed then said, "Connor you need to—"

"I'm not leaving," he exclaimed. "I want to be here when she wakes up. Then I can tell her that — I'm sorry and that I didn't intend for any of this to happen."

It was odd seeing the usual Heslington, a surname which was the definition of well put together and order, be in such an emotional state. Connor cupped his hands together, shaking at his leg impatiently, unable to turn his gaze away from Macey. Even though they didn't have many classes together, Shaz knew his grades were slipping because he was at her side and not at his lectures.

However, at the same time, she could tell, he didn't care. When Shaz was about to ask him if he wanted to go to his lecture today, Snowpea then retreated towards Connor, lowering herself into his lap before letting off a low chirp like sound.

"I think Macey knows," said Shaz, tilting her head to the side. "Why don't we grab something to eat? I'm sure Del will inform us if anything new happens to Mace."

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