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Kill Your Darlings by tidalbay
Kill Your Darlingsby nicole bea
For a year, sorceress Illyse of the Elderflower has been in love with doctor Gerat Darling. Working alongside Gerat in the Kingdom of Sea-on-Tyde, training magic-powered...
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Angel of Fire - the Breath of Immortality - Book One #Wattys2014 by Somerlea
Angel of Fire - the Breath of Immo...by Somerlea
The name's Chaos. Chaos Killbourne to be exact. People call me reckless, but they're wrong. I'm more like the perfect storm. Destroy an entire city with a single glance...
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Alpha Killian by DarknesssAndDeath123
Alpha Killianby FallenAngel
He crouched low, shifting into his wolf. When he looked at me with those ice blue eyes. I knew I was in trouble. ::: Aspen is an omega of the Blue Moon pack. She's an ou...
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Prophecies- a Dramione Fanfiction by QueenofReaders124
Prophecies- a Dramione Fanfictionby I Am A Human
It's two years after the war so when a certain "Seer" makes a prophecy that changes everyone's lives, in particular a bunch of 20 year olds, some people are no...
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Spellbinding || Severus Snape x Reader by _SadSunflower_
Spellbinding || Severus Snape x Re...by Nerdy
"She's mesmerizing, it's like she's put a curse on me." "That's called love, Severus. Go ask her out you lovesick bafoon!" ****** - 10 Years ago ...
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Spell book by taemmie
Spell bookby taemmie
My personal book of spells
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Witch Rising (Braxton Academy #1) by WendyWrites
Witch Rising (Braxton Academy #1)by Wendy Writes
Emily Hastings is the new girl at a posh school filled with old money, seductive secrets, and powerful magic. When she catches the eye of Maddox Vega, the leader of the...
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Plague Kings by Dark_Writes
Plague Kingsby Clayton Chandler
Liv can feel the changes coming, and she knows what they mean. Dry mouth, cold skin, aversion to sunlight. She's infected, as are others in her small town of Nocturne, N...
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Spellbound by Joywriter9
Spellboundby Kaiya J Ingram
One crown princess. 2 men fighting for her hand. One magical kingdom that she can't escape. And the problems keep getting worse. Ever heard of the 12 Dancing Princesse...
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The Coven's Penance by ajblackthorn
The Coven's Penanceby Ang
Centuries longer than any of them had been alive, the Coven of Black Gate, Massachusetts had one important Festival every year. Never have they skipped it and always hav...
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Princess of Hell by LunaGiselleWolf
Princess of Hellby Luna Wolf
The world is at stake. The Test may have proven Luna as a normal human being, but being the long lost daughter of the King of Hell, she is much more than what she thinks...
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Prince Of Łonïy ✔ by ShyBananaMuffin
Prince Of Łonïy ✔by Too Sexy For Myself
Origionally named The Silver Blood Prince ○●○●○● All his life Vincent grew up in the comfort of his own home. Bedridden for reasons beyond his own understanding and lock...
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Day of the Dead by AmericanBruja
Day of the Deadby Elizabeth Harris
COMBINING WITH THE LOS ANGELES CAULDRON. 2017 AWARDS: 1st place, Paranormal Category, Butterfly Fly Awards ✪ 3rd place, Paranormal Category, The Mist Awards ✪ Book 2 o...
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A Charming New Generation (Book One) by RujayCunningham
A Charming New Generation (Book On...by @ Leo's IMAGINATION!
Fanfiction based on the lives of the children of the charmed ones and the children of some of their greatest enemies. Mel, Henry and Polly are the youngest and the overl...
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Twilight Fairies: The Ghost Invasion Part 1 by MKP12302
Twilight Fairies: The Ghost Invasi...by MKP12302
In the eighth book, Ghosts are invading the magic realm and the residents of Jupiter, FL and Nova, a jealous woman who died in a fire returns back to life and begins to...
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My Book Of Spells by KittyKatLove1122
My Book Of Spellsby KittyKatLove1122
Hello everyone! Today I'm making a book of spells, and each spell I publish in this book will be tested by me and made sure that it is valid. Enjoy!
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Dreamweavers by aashrayofsunshine
Dreamweaversby Aashraya
Have you ever wanted a dream to truly, tangibly come true? What if you heard that it was a possibility? what if there was someone that could so magically make it a reali...
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A Charming New Dimension (Book 2 Completed) by RujayCunningham
A Charming New Dimension (Book 2 C...by @ Leo's IMAGINATION!
This is the sequel to A Charming New Generation a fanfic of Charmed. In this sequel Zed Bellamy and company escape the facility they were put in and intend to travel to...
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