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Soul Bringer: a Grayson Montgomery novel by DanJablonski
Soul Bringer: a Grayson Montgomery...by Dan Jablonski
Grayson Montgomery, billionaire bachelor and international media celebrity, was the product of an extremely privileged upbringing, with multiple generations of his famil...
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Kill Your Darlings by tidalbay
Kill Your Darlingsby nicole bea
For a year, sorceress Illyse of the Elderflower has been in love with doctor Gerat Darling. Working alongside Gerat in the Kingdom of Sea-on-Tyde, training magic-powered...
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Behind Boleyn by traci_edmunds
Behind Boleynby Traci Edmunds
Millie is a witch who developed a deep hatred towards Christianity when her daughter was burned at the stake in one of the earliest witch hunts. After years of moving fr...
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A Spellbound Gem by BlewNeko
A Spellbound Gemby Killian Joyus
Ruby Rose, a young secret prodigy hiding powerful magicks, is struggling to keep it from all those around her as she enters Beacon Academy for Sorcery And Witchcraft. We...
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The Key to A Witch's Heart by KimberleySBLieb
The Key to A Witch's Heartby KimberleyS.B.Lieb
Esme by day looks like any other girl, who works in a hotel but she holds a family secret, passed down from one generation to the next. She is a witch and the only way...
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Spellbound by singmetosleep6
Spellboundby Katie
There is a hidden race living among humankind--a race complete with witches, deities, monsters, and magic. A race that is concealed to the naked human eye, and to the mi...
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Witch Rising (Braxton Academy #1) by WendyWrites
Witch Rising (Braxton Academy #1)by Wendy Writes
Emily Hastings is the new girl at a posh school filled with old money, seductive secrets, and powerful magic. When she catches the eye of Maddox Vega, the leader of the...
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The Coven's Penance by ajblackthorn
The Coven's Penanceby Ang
Centuries longer than any of them had been alive, the Coven of Black Gate, Massachusetts had one important Festival every year. Never have they skipped it and always hav...
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The Love Potion[Spellbound] by Phamous
The Love Potion[Spellbound]by A.T
Christina accidentally spills a powerful love potion on Kevin. The real problem is, because of what she did a dangerous yellow eyed Witch now wants both their souls to c...
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by MillerJordan
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Se...by JMiller
Elaine learns far more than magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; after discovering that she's a witch, she escapes the people who've lied to her for elev...
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Spellbound by Joywriter9
Spellboundby Kaiya J Ingram
One crown princess. 2 men fighting for her hand. One magical kingdom that she can't escape. And the problems keep getting worse. Ever heard of the 12 Dancing Princesse...
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The Purple Nightingale by ThiswayoutScience
The Purple Nightingaleby Nice
'She said life is a guild, I say life is a frame. tiny glass bells ring, for the both of us hiding their youth in t...
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Loudverse Multiverse Tales: Goth Unbound by DavidReed122
Loudverse Multiverse Tales: Goth U...by GennaiArakida-XIV
Tired of being pushed around at school, Lucy decides to get even with her bullies by getting strong enough to defend herself. Not wanting to waste time exercising like L...
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RANDOMS AND ARTS by SunflowerStella
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The Power of Witches by wilde_bea
The Power of Witchesby bea
When Noa Rembrandt was eight years old, she began to experience strange things happening that somehow mixed with her emotions. Now at sixteen, she's been kicked out of e...
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Spellbook by ewellman56
Spellbookby Emily
Have you ever just wanted to kill someone? Or got so mad that you just wanted to fly away? Well now you will be able to cast a spell on yourself for anything you can thi...
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Flying high by ashywashy55
Flying highby ashywashy55
Lani Hershwood is a normal 14 year old girl until she meets Blue, a troubled young thoroughbred gelding. Horse of the year is the biggest horse event in NZ will the...
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The Night We Met by LukeSchofield1
The Night We Metby Luke Schofield
Not a story, but a short poem I concocted when I had trouble sleeping one night.
Seer Me Wrong ✔ by ThatOneWriter129
Seer Me Wrong ✔by BNSilvia
Winner of The People's Choice Awards by Phoenix Wars. #1 winner in Paranormal in the Pixie Awards [2019] As a child, Theresa was given, the worst fate imaginable; to be...
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a ɖʀaɢօռ's ɖɛaʟ by Sea_Dragon_Jaden
a ɖʀaɢօռ's ɖɛaʟby Jade the dragon witch
All is good in Ninjago. Jade dragon Brookstone came back and became queen of both the dragon realm and ninjago. She lives with the ninja. Lloyd and Jade started dating...
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