39 | Chapter Thirty Nine

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Moon magic.

The obsidian night sky was filled with an abundance of stars and the full moon that pooled down onto the observatory made Macey feel lighter than the air itself.

She couldn't help but blush nor could Macey withstand herself from biting her inner lip from the sheer glee her thoughts had on her.

Throughout the entire day, Connor has been on her mind. Macey urned to have his muscular arms around her waist, his fiery presence in her own and to have his sweet lips back on hers — one more time.

"Looks like you've gotten the hang of this."

Snapping Macey away from her wary daydreams was Lumino, who made her realise that she was hovering over the entire class.

The desks that scattered around the gold stone floor were now floating an inch off the ground. Books that were meant to be perched along the shelves were not only floating near the roof but pages were torn from their spines. Even debris began to hover, swivelling past Lumino who couldn't help but grin.

He snickered then said, "judging by your incredible progress, your mind is suddenly at ease."

Macey furrowed her brow, wondering if the professor was now a mind reader. She found Lumino quite a mystery as he was the only other person in the entire world that harboured the knowledge to teach her magic only herself was born with. She couldn't help but ask herself, why did he go through the pain of lunar energy?

Suddenly, a low rumbling sound resonated in Macey's ear. Such a sound made her wince and pout her lip, realising it's been six minutes since she last ate.

"Hungry?" asked Lumino, who then tossed her some kind of muesli bar. It looked like chocolate, but telling by the multitude of seeds and nuts embedded into it, the food item was anything but.

Lumino laughed. "Fatigue in the form of hunger is common for those summoning large quantities of magic — such as yourself. When I was practising lunar energy I remembered getting mad cravings for chicken and pork that I felt like I needed a whole buffet just to regain my strength. I can only imagine what it's like for someone who is dependent on this kind of energy all the time."

Macey's incredible hunger never made her think that it had anything to do with her magic. Her foster parents always assumed she was just a growing girl and Macey herself believed them — even when she would eat an entire baked swordfish, two steak meals and a large pan brownie in one sitting.

"Wow," Macey said with the bar nestled in her cheeks. "This is really good."

As Macey chewed away at the rest, lowering herself down to the ground, she watched Lumino create this glow beneath her feet, making it emerge by flicking off a nearby leaver. She felt this god-like energy pulsate in the depths of her veins. It made her feel somewhat invincible, harbouring this immersive strength she never knew about herself, thinking that perhaps her muscles grew a bit.

"This is the source of power that keeps the magical guards up across the campus." Lumino pointed at its centre then said, "it should give you a boost more than the other students on campus, due to the properties being lunar energy. Now then, shall we begin our lesson?"

Macey nodded. She had been looking forward to more lunar energy lessons since the arrival of Lumino and with the threat of the sun solstice party within a few days, she needed to learn everything powerful — and fast.

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