31 | Chapter Thirty One

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Law and order.

The ocean breeze that swayed around Connor while he walked the boardwalk was so subtle, that it almost took his attention away from the fact that he was making his way towards the Paladin Federation. He wasn't use to this trek, as it was the polar opposite way than the Summoners Guild Headquarters. But, with his mind muddled and a million questions swirling his thoughts, he knew his brother would have at least one to about three of them.

Against the sandy backdrops before him was a grand Cathedral that stood out more than the small homes that were miles behind it. It towered Connor tremendously, causing him to tilt his head back to see the shimmering glass of the top — where his brother was situated.

Connor had entered the building many a times, always welcomed with a smile from the other Paladins and nearby students from the institute. Usually he would greet them back, but not this time. A gut wrenching guilt toyed with him, making him physically unable to smile at the nearby female Paladin who said hello or even wave towards a fellow classmate who was there to gather knowledge.

It's all a lie, Connor thought as he made his way down the story corridors and towards the theatre room.

It seemed to be rather quite, with barely anyone in the room. Connor glared down at the table, running his hand along the smooth surface, gazing at the trophy's and achievements the Heslingtons have mustered up over the years. The grimoires, The adornments and the armour — all given in the name of peace and honour. He couldn't help but smirk, saying, "it's nothing but a facade."

He then furrowed his brow, wondering where Michael was, knowing full well his brother was meant to make an appearance today.


But no reply came towards Connor, only hearing his own voice echo around him. He brooded, thinking perhaps Michael went out to lunch or that he was in another room. But when he made his way towards the door, it clicked open and swung right open.

Many officials made their way in, all wearing their gold plated armour with a sun sigil branded into the breastplate. The one in the front however had a serpent, wore no helmet and locked eyes with Connor, saying, "Well if it isn't my little brother."

Michael grinned then waved the rest of the Paladins off before asking, "what brings you here?"

In Connor mind, he had exactly the right words to ask his brother. He wanted to know about the shadows and who is behind the summoning and he also urged to know more about Macey's true past. But fatigue ran across his body, disabling him from doing so. He rubbed his eyes then yawned loudly, developing a numb mouth that halted him from speaking.

"You look terrible," laughed Michael, who pulled out a seat for Connor and sat behind his desk. "Is everything okay?"

Michael dug his gaze into Connor, who slumped into the seat, groaned while rubbing at his eyes. With only two hours of sleep a night and unable to keep his thoughts in a stable trail, he wasn't surprised that his own brother knew something was up, saying, "I'm fine."

"You're gonna have to lie better than that," said Michael, creasing his forehead and shaking his head. "Not only is it written all along your face, but the professors have been telling me that your marks have been slipping."

Connor winced. It didn't cross his mind that he hasn't been up to date with his classes. He can count with his fingers the amount of times he's been to his lecture, which made him nervously grumble under his breath.

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