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Let's Learn (18+) [Rewriting] by Yewhaw
Let's Learn (18+) [Rewriting]by 🍷
"Has my little girl been drinking?" He asks teasingly, his head tilting to the side as his eyes run over my now tear-stained face. I couldn't breathe properly...
  • drama
  • thewattys2019
  • student
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Strawberries and Cigarettes | jikook ✓ by -jikookiejar
Strawberries and Cigarettes | semi—hiatus
Jeon Jungkook loves his cigarettes dearly. But the only thing he'd give them up for is the taste of strawberries on his lips. (or) AU where Jungkook loves leather jacket...
  • namjin
  • jin
  • sweet
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Identity | P. Parker by ParkerSpace
Identity | P. Parkerby C.M.W
Peter has been living in an orphanage for almost a year after Aunt May died. His only escape from the now miserable life he lives is going out as Spiderman but no one ca...
  • adoption
  • avengers
  • completed
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LOVED✓ by _Bed_Of_Roses
LOVED✓by Rose😚♠️
She was indeed gold in the midst of clay and that was why his tale had to end this way. Nothing beautiful can ever exist in his life. He was tired of keeping her from...
  • truth
  • winterduskawards
  • badass
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[DMLD] Dear Ms. Lady Demigod ✔ (Completed) (UNDER EDITING) by Ryusensei2000
[DMLD] Dear Ms. Lady Demigod ✔ ( DeGo
"You have a diarrhea of mouth, constipation of ideas" He said as his red eyes scowled at her. "We are demigods and we are the best! And we'll kill anyone...
  • humour
  • akagischeczalier
  • mystery
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Born to Fly by arealpaigeturn
Born to Flyby paige turner
| THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK IN THE BORN TO FLY SERIES. Originally written: Sept. 2015. Rewritten: July 2019. | Sera Gordon has lived in Gotham all her life and just like h...
  • thepenguin
  • oswaldcobblepot
  • dcfanfic
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[AIW] All I Want Is You Baby (BoyXBoy) ✔(Completed) (The Wattys 2019) by Ryusensei2000
[AIW] All I Want Is You Baby ( DeGo
"I think that your brother is hotter than you. I'm leaving you" Kate Roberts, a high school student, is always referred as a 'good for nothing', while his twin...
  • yaoi
  • gay
  • sliceoflife
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[CITY Heart] Can't I Touch Your Heart?✔ (Completed) by Ryusensei2000
[CITY Heart] Can't I Touch Your DeGo
After 10 years when he comes back to meet his past friend and love, he discovers that she has completely forgotten him. "I remembered but you forgot....was I that u...
  • romance
  • schoollife
  • thewattys2019
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Overprotective by peacefulwriting101
Overprotectiveby peacefulwriting101
"I like you, Annalisa. Like a lot. And it took me the longest time to tell you this. That's why I haven't been over. I didn't really know how to say it. I don't wan...
  • love
  • thewattys2019
  • boyfriend
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CHEMISTRY | ͏ASHER ANGEL | by xissuess
❝YOU AND ME GOT CHEMISTRY. GOT, GOT CHEMISTRY. GOT CHEMISTRY❞ #thewattys2019 stαrt; 18.04.19 end; 00.00.00 【 cover by; @-slowlycrying】 ➳ #1 in jaedenmartell...
  • jaedenmartell
  • itcast
  • shazam
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The Bad Boy Is My Enemy by awk01d
The Bad Boy Is My Enemyby Jay👄
Highest ranking: #1 - #samclaflin Max Carrington, the good girl. Alex Parker, the bad boy. Sworn enemies since nappies yet there mothers still have hope of them becoming...
  • highschool
  • taissafarmiga
  • friendship
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Instagram~ Chenle x Reader  [COMPLETE] by Ah-Rin_32
Instagram~ Chenle x Reader [ Ah-Rin_32
@dolphinlelee sent you a friend request ~Accept or decline~ Started: 15/05/19 Completed:13/08/19
  • kpopfanfic
  • nctdream
  • nctzen
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♡Stray Kids AMBW Imagines by MysticalMadi26
♡Stray Kids AMBW Imaginesby Tae'sblackgf🍑
book of imagines, preferences and one shots for my melanin girls and their favourite kpop group Stray Kids♡ * !UPDATES ARE not as SLOW! * Requests are open!! Hope you e...
  • jeongin
  • leefelix
  • han
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The Phoenix ➵ Randy by Ryesflicker
The Phoenix ➵ Randyby Yasmin 🤪
A boy who cried wolf, And a boy who died in the mass of heartbreaks. A killer hiding behind it all, And a boy: paying for the one he thought is his soulmate's fault. @R...
  • brooklynwyatt
  • falloutboy
  • randy
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Vision by yugjae
Visionby Sushi
Y'all it's Lumark « HIGHEST RANK: N.1 in Lumark & N.1 in KunTen»
  • wattys2019
  • thewattys2019
  • markhei
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When You Find The Right One  by Miss_WordDreamer
When You Find The Right One by •The D World•
Suddenly you bump into someone, he holds you from your waist, protecting you from falling down. Your eyes lock with his. Everything blurs around you expect for his face...
  • thewattys2019
  • therightone
  • nandini
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Little Love - a ddlg story by Minnie0737
Little Love - a ddlg storyby Babygirl™
Ddlg • • • ♡Started: 01/30/19♡ ♡Ended: ♡ • • • ♡♡
  • daddy
  • baby
  • secretidentity
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Don't Tell by caviie
Don't Tellby caviie
I think the most beautiful thing you can do is finding someone who wants your all, even if your all is a mess
  • romance
  • university
  • collegelife
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Miracle |Min Yoongi X Hyoora| ✔  by AdelynnAlicia
Miracle |Min Yoongi X Hyoora| ✔ by Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi seorang pengusaha kaya yang berhati dingin seperti es. Han Hyoora sedang memulai lembaran baru kehidupannya lagi dan banyak keajaiban yg terjadi padanya akhi...
  • jeonjungkook
  • kimtaehyung
  • junghoseok
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Tragic Testimony  by JazzumSquelch
Tragic Testimony by Andreee
"I love you, too." She sobbed, horizontally gashing his stomach with the blade. *** After 300 years, he became a testimony of eternal youth. He was content wit...
  • war
  • tragedy
  • teenfiction
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