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Lair of Beasts [Book I in the Curse Of Blood Saga] by JeanineCroft
Lair of Beasts [Book I in the Jeanine Croft
Aria is only a child when her guardianship is suddenly relinquished into the hands of a stranger from the north. In a land of harsh winters and fleeting daylight, she is...
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Fractured Red by calmwolf
Fractured Redby Violet
Redaliya wasn't her first name. Before she changed it, what seems like a lifetime ago, she was called Opalescence Alkingsly. This is her story. One that's been forgotten...
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The Black Taint #1 ✓ by Kiahni_C
The Black Taint #1 ✓by Kiahni Chae
[complete | featured in dark fantasy | book 1] ❝ An Exile should remember that they will die in these lands and there is nothing they can do but fight. ❞ The Black Taint...
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Iron Hart by Guts4Dinner
Iron Hartby Guts4Dinner
In the continent of Midland, exists unspeakable creatures and monsters caused by war and strife. A young man by the name of Roi Ironhart, a blacksmith who fights with un...
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Guidebook - The_Realm by The_Realm
Guidebook - The_Realmby The_Realm
Welcome to The_Realm! A profile dedicated to the grim side of fantasy- where danger, twisted reality and plot twists shouldn't come as a surprise. This profile may featu...
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Lif and Lifthrasir - Asgardian Tales - Book 1 by BaileyBookandSketch
Lif and Lifthrasir - Asgardian BaileyBookandSketch
Power has a price. No Half Bloods know this better than the Lifs and Lifthrasirs, possessing the power of Yggdrasil itself, able to manipulate the dimensions of Life and...
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Wanderer Of The Realm by The_Realm
Wanderer Of The Realmby The_Realm
Myths, legends, traditions and peculiar places from all around the world. Check out the incredible articles written by the gatekeepers of The_Realm to help inspire you...
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Goblin Queen by Dark_Writes
Goblin Queenby Clayton Chandler
As a teenager, Amber Hayes called on the Goblin King to take her brother. But the Goblin King was more cruel than she imagined, capturing and torturing her. She managed...
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Construct Of The Realm  by The_Realm
Construct Of The Realm by The_Realm
Ever wondered what makes what makes a good fantasy book? Join us as we break World Building down to the proverbial "building blocks" of what separates a memori...
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The Realm - Contests  by The_Realm
The Realm - Contests by The_Realm
Check out contests from The_Realm. We bring you fantastical prompts of the majestic kind. Stay tuned.
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