28 | Chapter Twenty Eight

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The not so bad boy.

During this time of the night, the library always harboured silence. It was this very reason Shaz preferred to study when no one was around so she couldn't be disturbed by the bustling students that lingered in the day. She was able to surround the table with as much parchment paper as she wanted and stack the books up so high they almost fell.

"Almost there," she muttered, gliding her pen along with the intricate diagrams she's been sketching for weeks. Lightly rubbing her eye, trying desperately not to smudge her makeup, she saw her masterpiece coming together nicely. When she questioned herself to what the time was, Shaz lingered her eyes down to her watch, gasping at how late it was then muttered, "I should have been done an hour ago. Yikes."

Realising that time was not on her side, Shaz then scooped up all her papers, tossing them into her bag before heading to the exit.

Tonight was a beautiful night, with the moon casting its radiant glow all along the courtyards of the campus. Its shine made the now fully bloomed cherry trees pop with a light pink and the glimmer in the ponds made the ripples more prominent. All Shaz heard was the clatter of her heels hitting a stone and the odd cricket in the distance. It was a harsh reminder that she was late and promised Macey she wouldn't be.

"And I was meant to cook," groaned Shaz. "Knowing Macey, she would have been starving five hours ago."

She couldn't help but shake her head, bewildered at how much one person could eat in the span of a few minutes. Just the thought of her best friend and how much danger she's been in these past few months made Shaz shiver, creating goosebumps all across her body.

"The lengths I go for this girl," Shaz said, being reminded as to why she does the late research. "Hopefully with the good grades I'm getting, Lena will let me use the forge. Then I can make more useful adornments for her."

When she was near her dorm, the faint strum of a guitar caught her ear, making her furrow her brow. When she came closer and the sound became more clear, Shaz then laid her eyes on someone she wouldn't mind looking at all day, feeling her heart skip a beat and her pulse picking up in pace.

"For no one fears comfort, only the shadows that live beneath. The rhapsody that calls them, was but a taste of the havoc they wreak."

She couldn't help but sigh, hiding behind a pillar indiscretion and secrecy. Shaz couldn't take her eyes off the British heartthrob, raking her eyes along his milky white skin and his ocean blue eyes. The way he glided his fingers along the stings of his guitar made her shiver at the knees and his angelic voice made her warm between her...

"Can I help you?"

Shaz couldn't help but gasp, looking around her to see if he was speaking to someone else.

Logan laughed. "It's okay if you're spying on me." He then wrapped the guitar around his back, smirking right at Shaz then said in a low alluring voice, "I mean, I don't mind. The fact that it's you makes this encounter exciting and interesting."

He made his way towards her which made Shaz realise her hiding was pointless. She cleared her throat and said, "I wasn't spying on you."

She felt her cheeks become hot, looking down at the ground in embarrassment. When all she heard was a silent laugh, Shaz felt more shame riddle her body and crossed her arms in frustration.

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